The Walk of Mayors

Andy, Joey, and I were walking through downtown Waco when Joey pointed out the “Walk of Mayors.” Both Andy and I thought it was  neat and then Joey surprised both of us.

“Andy, you can’t go on it because you’re not a mayor.”

My mind immediately started racing. “Why was Andy forbidden, and I’m not.” Both Andy and I asked.

“Because you and I are mayors, and Andy isn’t.”

“What? I’m a mayor.” Again, more racing of the Spitfire that is my brain. I was getting really hopeful. “What, I’m a mayor? Maybe things are so bleak after all.”

But then Joey explained: “Of course you are. Both you and I are mayors in SimCity. Since Andy doesn’t play, he’s not a mayor and he can’t walk on the Walk of Mayors.”

So there you have it: there are rules for mayors. If you play SimCity, come join us.

Mayor Joey and Mayor Timothy!


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