Stupid Hotel Art

On our recent trip to Tennessee, we had to stay in a hotel on two separate occasions, choosing to stay in the same chain both times: Country Inn & Suites. The first time, in Cookeville, we really enjoyed the stay because the hotel was really nice. The second time, in Memphis, not so much. Memphis has a way of taking things that are nice, and spitting on them.

But what I noticed in both hotels was the stupid hotel art. It was the same in both hotels. What is worse is that it isn’t even good art. It’s two-dimensional, lacking contrast, or any creativity.

I will leave comments on each piece. But the long and the short of it is that these chains should take some time to think about what they are putting on the walls. There is so much good art out there, what is put forth below is inexcusable.

Comments on each piece below. One last thing: the word stupid in the title is appropriate. It can mean to act in a careless or unintelligent manner, and this is my usage of the word.

Reminds me of a virus. Flat. No real contrast or depth of field.

A close up of colorful rocks, but without contrast. Flat, with some depth of field. That is a good thing. Overall, a boring shot. Let me give you an example of something more fitting.

Who is designing this? Four, boring spheres in squares in a square. Did I say boring? This was nothing more than an attempt to put something, anything at all, on the wall at cheap price, in order to make the residents think they were in a nice hotel. Fail.

I think my shot of this bad art is far better than the bad art itself.

More of the same.

May the chains actually employ real artists and photographers for their hotels. Just for the record, Hampton Inns do use photographs for the area of each hotel, so their art is unique for each hotel.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have been known to turn pics around in hotel rooms so that I cannot see the image while in the room. 😁


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