Merry Christmas!

Here are a few Christmas photos for your morning, or afternoon. Merry Christmas.

Please note: the main photo includes God’s word, which takes predominance over all our Christmas traditions. Enjoy the traditions, obey God’s word.

Also note: this post includes Christmas penguins. No Christmas photography post is ever complete without Christmas penguins…, and bells…, and a Christmas star. But other than that… there are no more essential photos for Christmas… except maybe a tree… and packages under the tree… and… well, you get the idea. Merry Christmas!


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    • Christmas? Since we don’t tend to celebrate it, it was wonderful, especially our time on Christmas Eve. The hard part was that the family came down to the cabin in the morning, and suddenly, packed up and left. We both thought they were going to stay all day, but … didn’t. We were so disappointed.

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