Top Photos of 2020, Volume 3.

PLEASE VOTE: it only takes a few seconds. I keep getting all these views, and only a few people are voting. Thanks. 

I should have the tallies from the first day of voting later today. As I mentioned yesterday, Andy’s picture is leading the way.

Today’s pictures have two shots from outside contributors. The first is the family shot, which my son in-law Justin took. He loved the shot because I was the only one paying attention.

The second shot was contributed by my daughter in-law, Jessica, of her two wonderful children: Anthony and Annaliese.

I took the final shot back in the last decade and it is one of my favorite pictures of Joey.

I guess you could say this is the family edition of Top 2020 pictures. More to come. Working on posts for next week as well. Keep checking back and voting. Thank you for all those who have and continue to do so.

And please, you are under no obligations whatsoever to vote for my son, Joey, over the rest of the family. I would never put that kind of pressure on you. Besides, only Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the deep state really know how you voted.


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