Top Photos of 2020, Volume 2. Please Vote

This is the second installment for determining the top photos of 2020 on my blog, and I think that I should point out, that this is a fair and equitable election. I am not using any Dominion voting machines. Each poll will be open for 2 days, and you can only vote once.

As I write this, the first poll shows the picture of Andy in a commanding lead over the Glassy Sunset an Amber, the Golden Retriever. In fact, as I write this, the dog has yet to score a single vote. I thought for sure, dog lovers would rise to the occasion.

In this post we have Avery. Taking her picture was when I realized how good pictures can be of children you don’t know. Her eyes, and look of suspicion, make the shot. Well, the lighting does as well. The concrete wall was reflecting the sun up into her face, which is why we can see her vivid expression.

The second shot is of Marquis Pro playing the saxophone, although it’s mostly of the sax. It’s one of my favorites because of the way it is framed, and the reflections in the saxophone itself.

The third shot is another endeavor into the artistic world and is a bell from The Virginia that I took back in 2007. It’s one of the pictures that brings to mind the sounds of the gulls, and the smell of the sea. I miss those things.


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