Reformation Day: Revere

In my last post, I mentioned that I had a purpose in bringing my camera to the Reformation Day celebration. The purpose was Revere. When I met him in church, and saw his eyes, my first thought was that I needed to get my camera. Reformation Day provided the excuse. He has the biggest eyes of any baby I think I have ever seen. His mother informed me that it runs in the family. Revere’s grandfather had the same big eyes.

I wasn’t sure how to get the best pictures of him, since he was either being held by his father or mother or someone else. As we were beginning to eat, I noticed that Revere was crawling around the couch, so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. It wasn’t working, so I sat down on the couch to put my camera back in the camera bag. Revere immediately pulled himself up next to the couch and started moving toward me.

“Now’s my chance.” I started taking pictures, and he kept crawling my way, then up my legs, and into my lap. Apparently, he wanted to pull on someone’s beard.

Andy, my son, took the pictures of me with Revere.

Copyright Timothy J. Hammons 2020.

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