Street Preaching: Denton Square

Preach, for instance, as you would plead if your were standing before a judge, and begging for the life of a friend, or as if you were appealing to the Queen herself on behalf of someone very dear to you. Use a tone in pleading with sinners as you would use if a gibbet were erected in this room, and you were to be hanged on it unless you could persuade the person in authority to release you.

— Charles Spurgeon: The Soul Winner

This past Saturday, I joined a group of faithful believers from The Church at Pecan Creek to preach the gospel. I do so because I believe the LORD has called me to preach His word, and this is part of being faithful in that calling.

I must admit, street preaching is hard. When the congregation is gather for worship, preaching is much easier because the people there want to hear your sermon. Preaching is a part of worship, and the people of God are fed by the preaching of His word. 

Not the case on the street. On the street, the people being preached to, generally don’t like it. They don’t want to be disturbed in their outing. They want to be left alone. But our LORD calls us to do so.

The first time I joined them, about four weeks ago, I opened my Bible to my text, and started to preach. I felt like the words fell dead on the sidewalk, even though we had amplifiers. My throat grew dry, and I struggled with every sentence, word, thought… The fear was gripping me, but I pressed on and preached nonetheless. It was a major victory simply because of the fact that I was able to preach at all in that setting. Providentially, after about 15 minutes, the mic quit working. 

The second time I joined the group preaching was the first time I was interrupted by a heckler. A long-haired, scraggly bearded, overweight man approached one of our supporters, a young girl in her teens, and started yelling her for being a “Typhoid Mary” because she wasn’t wearing a mask. It must have taken some real courage… for him… to yell at a teenaged girl. I think there is name for that, and it rhymes with Howard. (BTW, for those who don’t know, Typhoid Mary, read here.) 

My trip this past Saturday was the best. While other men preached, I walked around the courthouse taking pictures of people for my blog, sharing the gospel when I could, and handing out tracts. I met some really wonderful people. It was quite delightful. 

I also preached again. I think it went well, and my son, Joey, said I did a great job. That was encouraging. 

Here are some of the pictures of those I worked with. See my About page for my picture. 




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