Out and About: Seth and His Boys

Walking just west of downtown McKinney, I noticed a young boy watching a road crew and their heavy machinery. He was transfixed. It was almost alarming because I didn’t immediately see his parents. Then I noticed man, under a tree, with another child in stroller, staring intently in the boys direct. It was his father, Seth Hammond. He was taking care of his boys while his wife, a hairdresser, was busy trying to keep up with all her clients.

Seth is a personal trainer, and his business hasn’t picked back up yet. You can see his web site here

While his last name is very similar to mine, we didn’t think we were directly related. Although, I have learned recently that my last name has been spelled with a d and with an a at the end, as in Hammans. Also, some spelled it with only one m. So we could be related. 

If you are in need of a personal trainer, give him a call. 

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