Social Distancing: Dan and Maryann

If you haven’t figured out by now, my wife and I are refusing to drink the Koolaid of fear, known as the Covid 19 pandemic. Outside of me losing my job, we haven’t changed a thing. I did wear a bandana for a couple of days with the pretense of having a mask, but in reality, I wore it more because Heidi thought it was cute. I’m not wearing it now, and have started encouraging other “no maskers” when I see them out and about. This has been shocking to me: the number of people who are blindly wearing masks even though the reports are that it will not help. Even today, the WHO came out and said that masks are unnecessary and joins the Surgeon General of the United States with the same message.

Fortunately, we have friends who feel the same way, and we were able to get together with Dan and Maryann while on our trip to Tennessee to see grandchildren earlier in the month. Dan is actually a cardiologist, and has made his opinions known concerning the self-inflicted wounds we have brought upon ourselves as a country that is willing to fear everything. You can read about it here and here.

It was a real delight to get together with Dan and Maryann. They are refusing to let the crisis dictate their habits, especially since he knows the dangers of this pandemic are highly exaggerated. How many physicians have tried to say the same thing on Youtube and been pulled from the platform? That should really inform us about the truth of the pandemic.  

Too many are letting fear rule them. If they feared the LORD and not mankind, they would be better off. He holds our lives in His hands. Not that we are to act foolishly, but why fear something so minor? And this virus is minor when compared with other viruses, cancers, and diseases. These are some of the things we talked about when we got together. 

That is what made our evening so special, that Dan and Maryann fear the LORD, not Covid 19. I wish more would follow suit. 

Plus, we got an opportunity to share some smoked oysters with Dan. He had never had any, and I’m thinking, in view of his response, he probably won’t try them again. Oysters tend to fall into the acquired-tastes category. After all, eating oysters is strange. Who was the first man who cracked one open and decided to swallow it whole. He must have been quite hungry to do so. I can only eat them when they are smoked. Raw? Forget it.

All-in-all, the country needs more social distancing like we experienced when we got together.

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