Standing in Queue: Corona Effect

I wasn’t planning on doing any more Corona Effect posts. The entire subject is a bit depressing. Yet, here we were on our weekly outing to Trader Joe’s only to find that we had to queue up before going inside the store. They had two employees acting as gatekeepers. They only allowed someone inside the store when someone else left the store.

What was worse, I tried to make a joke as Heidi and I were getting in line, that fell absolutely flat. Everyone is really tense. That made me tense. Therefore, Heidi and I decided to double up on the essentials so we didn’t have to come back next Saturday. We doubled our portions of chocolate and wine. Priorities! I know, we’re now hoarders! Alas, the strange things we will do when a crisis hits.


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  1. Glad you could stock up! There is hoarding (buying months of something knowing others will go without) and there is wise stocking up (less trips to the store over the next couple weeks). The market will sort that out.

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  2. Its crazy this is happening all over Amerrica


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