Empty Shelves: Corona Effect

One of the Frisco Walmarts, as of last Friday. I was in the same Walmart today, and later in Sam’s Club this afternoon, and both were out of TP, eggs, and lunch meat. I had to tell myself that the chickens would keep laying eggs regardless of our level of fear. Hopefully the shortage will be remedied soon.

As for my opinion: I have friends who seem to think it is worse than we realize, others who think it will blow over, and others who are sitting back watching, like I am. Both sides have supporting web sites to prove their point. Only One really knows what is going on, and He rules from one end of the world to the other, therefore, I’m looking to Him.


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  1. Part of it is practical, I suppose, in that people are eating out less and kids aren’t eating school meals. But there is definitely selfish behavior going on. No surprise.


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