Ford Center at the Star: Frisco Cowboys, aka Dallas Cowboys

The Ford Center at the Star is the home and practice facility of the Dallas Cowboys. They play in Arlington, TX, but have their offices and practice facilities in Frisco. It’s one of the reasons that Frisco is becoming the center of some sort of sporting universe. The PGA is also moving their home here, but won’t be open for a few more years.

The Star is like an open-door museum for the Dallas Cowboys. The players in the Ring of Honor are all prominently displayed with monuments and pictures. You will see what I mean in following posts.

I took the boys over one Saturday afternoon, just to have a look. I am NOT a Dallas Cowboys, so please, no disparaging remarks about the Cowboys in my comments section. I don’t watch the NFL since I have convictions about keeping the LORD’s day. If I did, I would probably watch and pull for some team that would one day, finally, after many years, win the Super Bowl. Then…two years later, it would be revealed that they cheated electronically, thereby bringing down the wrath of all the other teams, who were cheating as well, but not electronically. So it would rob me of the joy of MY teaming winning the championship because MY team didn’t cheat in the acceptable way to cheat. Not that this has happened, but…


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