Lara G: True Artists Series

I was walking through the halls of Independence High School while there was an athletic signing going on inside the gym, and noticed that Mr. Leonard Buscemi’s art class was busy drawing. Most students wanted out of class to go to the signing—not Mr. Buscemi’s class. I met him earlier in the year and was truly impressed with the artwork of his students. Their work was outstanding, as I hope you will see in the series I’m calling True Artists Series. After all, there wasn’t a single student duck-taping a banana to cardboard and calling it art. (See the non-art here). Every thing they produced was true art.

The first artist is Lara G. I can’t tell you much about the piece that she was working on because as I took pictures, I was trying to be non-invasive. I didn’t want to disrupt the classroom. So let their art speak for itself.

I will say that they are working from photographs, inch by inch, layer by layer. As they work, more detail comes through as they add layers. You don’t see the layers in the one below because she was not working in color. But in some of the follow up posts, you get a sense of it.

I hope you also see how well Lara has done with the subject’s eyes in this first photo. I love those eyes.


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  1. Such impressive work! I couldn’t copy a stick figure…


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