Top 10 Pictures from 2019

As judge by a panel of one, while sitting on my couch on a dreary winter day, sipping a beverage with my lovely bride next to me.

Number 1 Picture of the year

Yes, it’s of my favorite person.

This was taken on my birthday with the new 50 mm lens she bought me. Finally, a lens with a short depth of field.

Number 2

Sweet Annaleise is my second favorite picture of the year. It should have been obvious that children and grandchildren would be high up on the list. The following was a recent addition, and made it for the beautiful expression of her wearing her auntie’s dress. We are hoping to take a few more pictures of her wearing the dress before she outgrows it. Well, when she actually grows into it.

Just a question: Why can’t we start dressing our little girls like this again?

Number 3

I love this picture, especially how it came about. It’s a real contrast with the absolute beauty of a an antique fire truck, against the back drop of an antique garage. One is in mint condition, the other close to being condemned.

Number 4

This was monochrome magic in my book. The reflection of the sun, the sky, the Kamikaze. It just seems to be a “big” picture for me.

Number 5

On one of our Saturday morning dates, just before we headed out to Starbucks and Trader Joe’s, I had my lovely bride stand and smile. I love the color and the fact that it captures a bit of our living room.

Number 6

In the collection of photos on doors, I also added door handles. I love this one for color and the reflection in the glass.

Number 7

Shooting the 1936 Auburn Boattail was a lot of fun. I was attending one of Joey’s baseball games when Andy and I spotted the classic pulling into the parking lot. We had no idea what it was, and the research on it was just as much fun as taking the pictures.

Number 8

Wait, we are on the eighth picture of this post, and I finally add a picture of my boys? It happens.

I love this one because Joey was so excited about riding the Kamikaze. On the other hand, Andy was quite nervous about it, which I didn’t know until later.

Number 9

Pure romance and affection.

Number 10

This was another part of my big birthday, in which Heidi gave me a new lens for my camera, was was the simplicity the lens gave me with things like rocks.



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  1. Beautiful shots!

    Love the 50mm lens! I know it is used for portrait shots, and to great effect, but I used to use it to capture great shots of our daughters’ ballet group. You couldn’t use a flash and there was lots of movement, so you needed something that would let in a lot of light.

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