Stacking Rocks: Doe River

Apparently, stacking rocks next to a river, has become some sort of fad. I first discovered stacked rocks at the Llano River in Texas earlier in the year. You can see my post here. While walking along the Doe River in Elizabethton, TN, the boys and I discovered a single pile of rocks. That was enough encouragement for the boys to start their own stacks.

The next day, while sitting around the fire on the Watagua River, I had them make three stacks of rocks around the place for me to find. Both boys were quite clever in hiding their stacks. Andy actually had one stack down in the river itself. The only way you could see it was standing on the bank right above the stack. Joey was also just as clever. He had the stack I could not find, on top of the AC unit upstairs next to our balcony. I should have known he would think outside the box. He’s quite good at it.

Here are the pictures from the Doe River.


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