DAR Memorial: Elizabethton

I’m not really into memorials, per se. We have them all over the country. Some of them are important, others, not so much. I will let you decide the importance of the following DAR Memorial on the Doe River in Elizabethton.

I only have two things to add. The first is that it’s not called DAR, as in DAR-DAR Binks (I know, it’s Jar Jar Binks, but you get the idea). Both resident scholars and historians that were with me when I took the pictures and read the memorial made sure to give me the lowdown on DAR.

“It’s D-A-R, Dad, not Dar!”

Apparently the Daughters of the American Revolution are quite particular about that.

There you go.

The other thought that popped into my head about the memorial designating the location of the first court west of the Alleghenies, was that it was also dealing with the first crime west of the Alleghenies. Yes, they made a Constitution, so they could deal with the crime.

Also, the tree referred to is just a stump. But that’s about it.


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