Inside the Covered Bridge: Elizabethton

My previous post had the outer images of the Covered Bridge over the Doe River and in Elizabethton, TN. The following pictures shows the inside of the bridge, along with my boys, Andy and Joey.

The entire structure is made of wood, which is a good reason it is only a walking bridge.

Who were ML and WP? Did they ever get married? Was is a short-lived romance? Was it a romance at all? I guess we’ll never know.

I only add the last one because I think it’s rather odd to get your name on a memorial because you were one of the guys who picked the location of the bridge. I wonder how that conversation went:

Wiley: “JJ, where do you think we ought to put the bridge?”

JJ: “Why, right here, next the town. Seems to me, the logical choice.”

HM: “I concur with my colleague.”

Alas, the bridge ended up where it is and the three men are now immortalized for their astuteness in locating the Covered Bridge.

Not my idea of being immortalized.


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