Happy Anniversary Bekah and Tyler

Last October, our youngest daughter Bekah got married and they asked me to be the “official” photographer. I was more than happy to do so, especially since it justified getting a new camera. The camera I bought was not top of the line, but one that I could get for a fairly decent price at the Canon website. But…it was a huge improvement over and above my previous camera, which was a second generation Canon Rebel, that I got back in 2004. All the recent pictures you see are with the newer camera.

But, this is not about photography. It’s about a wedding. In which, I was the photographer. It was our gift to Bekah and Tyler for me to take the pictures, edit them, and put them into a photo album for them. I think that was a wonderful gift. But again, this isn’t about what I did…it’s about the fact that I have pictures. I have a way to share them. And, I can say, “Happy anniversary Bekah and Tyler! May the LORD bless you with many, many more anniversaries.”


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  1. Great shots, and you saved a ton of money!

    BTW, what camera do you use?


    • Hi Neil,

      I use a Canon T6 with the standard lenses, and the 50mm f1.2 my wife bought me for my birthday. I got the T6 because Canon was about to quit selling it, and the most I could afford. I’m not sure the difference between it and that top of line is worth the extra money. Most of the newer cameras just come with more bells and whistles.


  2. How sweet!! So glad you were able to take the photographs! A blessing!


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