Thanksgiving 2013: Boys With Mud, Men With Jeeps

I have been going through all the videos I have taken over the past few years and uploading them to Youtube, so the boys could watch. You can see some of them on my Family Page. As I was doing so, I discovered an entire series of videos taken on Thanksgiving Day 2013. It was a classic Hammons’ family gathering because David, my older brother, had his Jeep with him and decided to take Andy, Joey and me for a ride around the pasture. He loves to show how it can get across any ravine, or ditch with it’s four-wheel drive power. Of course, he also loves to get it stuck. This was his second demonstration on Thanksgiving Day and in the same fashion as the last Thanksgiving demonstration, he got his Jeep stuck in the pasture. This angered the powers that be because Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family, not Jeeps getting stuck. As far as I was concerned, this entire day spent getting the Jeep unstuck was about family. What is so unusual about this? However, David has since been banned from taking his Jeep into the pasture.

The post starts with a video of Joey, who was in the Jeep when it got stuck. Somewhere he found a Ziplock bag and filled it up with mud after getting out of the Jeep, which got stuck in the mud. The video also has some good conversations with Stoke at the middle. This made the find even more precious given that Stoke died this past December. He is his classic, boisterous self on these videos, telling us how to get the Jeep unstuck, how to cook the Turkey, and some history of Johnny Manziel!

We did finally get the Jeep unstuck. It took a come-along, a chain and a tree. Unfortunately, I have no video of the final extraction. Here is the video:

BTW, I wanted to show you a picture of what that creek looks like when it is raining. We took this back in March 2015. Actually, this tributary of the pond is just to the left of where we got the Jeep stuck. But both look the same when it is raining and it had rained a few days before Thanksgiving.

Rain 006

While I’m showing pictures of my boys, here is Andy:

Rain 005

Painted Doors


In our attempt to add more curb appeal to our home, in order to sell it, I decided to paint the master bedroom, and eventually the living room. Neither room has had the joy of getting a new coat of paint in some time.

In any DIY job, there is always a learning process and the door pictured has been my learning process. What have I learned when it comes to painting such a complex door? Contractor, contractor, contractor. Hire someone. Especially given that the room has at least three coats of paint on every wall, door and window. I tried just sanding portions of the trim, and the last coat flaked off, meaning I needed to scrape off the last coat. So I’m scraping, scraping, and scraping some more. It is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated.

The interesting point about the door, after having sanded it, is that Heidi really likes it as it is. I can see her point. It has a real antique look to it. Just from a labor point of view, it would be truly easy to go with the antique look. But we are trying to sell the house, therefore I will paint it. That means, I have to sand it as well.

Hopefully, and prayerfully, my labors will not be in vain and there will be some buyer who loves the color I picked out for the room, and who won’t pay attention to too much detail. It won’t be a perfect job. But my hope is that when I finish, the job will be well done.

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PC(USA) Is Dying: Amen and amen!

There is great news for Presbyterians every where: the liberal PC(USA) is dying.

In view of the fact that Christianity is on the decline in America, or so it seems, the PC(USA) put out their numbers this week showing a loss of 92,000 members over the past year. This decrease in numbers is up from the previous year, so the decline of this once great denomination is quickening… but not quickening in the biblical sense.

I know that some might be surprised that I’m rejoicing over the demise of this denomination, and I am rejoicing. Wherever false religion is in decline, I rejoice, for we are really seeing the fruits of their century-long slide into the rejection of God’s word. This is why it is so senseless to try and reach the lost by watering down the word of God.

Sadly, this is what some are claiming we must do to reach the lost in our day and age, namely in reaching the millennials. They seek to hide the truth of what Scripture says in order to be more accommodating. But please note, this has been done by most of the mainline denominations for years, and we see the result. We need the church to remain the church, proclaiming God’s truth, regardless of the culture’s rejection of that truth (think of the prophet Jeremiah). Our job is to be the people of God, not the people of the world.

So it is a good thing to see the PC(USA) in decline. Most of their ministers (not all mind you) have failed in proclaiming the full counsel of God’s word for years. Hopefully those of us in the PCA can learn the foolishness of such an approach to ministry. The only true power the church has is in the gospel. It is the power unto salvation, and nothing else is.

Do You Pray?

I really enjoy this tract by J.C. Ryle. It is rather long, but well worth the time spent reading it. Read and learn:

“Men ought always to pray.” Luke 18:1

“I will that men pray everywhere.” 1 Timothy 2:1

I have a question to offer you. It is contained in three words, DO YOU PRAY?

The question is one that none but you can answer. Whether you attend public worship or not, your minister knows. Whether you have family prayers or not your relations know. But whether you pray in private or not, is a matter between yourself and God.

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From the Pulpit

The following is a view of the sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church of Osceola from the pulpit. It would have been nice to have people in the pews, but I confess, I would have felt odd taking a picture during the middle of a worship service. This was my first church in the Presbyterian Church in America and this particular congregation closed in June of 2004. The building is now owned by a Church of God in Christ congregation.

Sanctuary 002

The Church is Counter-Cultural

I was reading Rod Dreher’s article, The Failure of Winsomenessand realized that the church is truly becoming counter-cultural. Dreher’s article is spot on in helping us see that for the church to survive, we must entrench ourselves in orthodoxy. Trying to placate the culture will only lead to the church fading away. Dreher writes:

The fact is, ours is a post-Christian society moving towards an anti-Christian one, when Christianity conflicts with secular orthodoxy. Any churches that remain faithful to clear Biblical teaching about sexuality — gay or straight — and on the meaning of marriage and the human person, will be increasingly anathematized in this country. And those that compromise will, in time, fade to nothingness, as the ongoing unwinding of the Mainline Protestant churches demonstrates.

The culture of our country has become so anti-Christian in nature, that for us to remain true to biblical orthodoxy, we will become counter-cultural. Unfortunately, this will not resonate with the youth of America as the idea of counter-cultural movements have in the past. The black-clad Goths are not going to look our way and rejoice over  a new movement that stands opposed to the culture. In fact, the black-clad Goths, even in their attempts to be counter-cultural will be more in line with cultural conformity than they would ever like to admit. This is because they already buy into the culture’s argument for what is right and just despite the fact that the culture’s argument for what is right and just stands opposed to the biblical declarations of what is right and just.

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It Is Important for the Atheist to Be Right!

When it comes to debating with atheists, we must recognize that for atheists, their arguments against God are of the upmost of importance. Their entire lives and eternal future (or lack thereof) depend upon them being right. It is vital for mankind to be nothing more than a globule of chemical reactions. It is absolutely essential that Christians are wrong in their worldview and declaration of a holy God.

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