Top 10 Guy Movies of All Time, According to Timothy


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Well, since in posted my top 10 chick flicks of all time, I thought it only just and right to attempt to post my top 10 guy movies of all time. Please note that this is a real challenge since there are so many great guy movies out, compared to chick flicks. After all, once you have seen one chick flick, you get the idea. It’s only a variation between actors and supposed outcomes. Basic plot line: boy meets girl, conflict arise, conflict subsides, happily ever after.

Not so with guy movies. In guy movies, sometimes the hero dies at the end, which brings an entire new twist to what makes a great guy movie. I’m not sure of everything that makes a great guy movie, but it usually has lots of guy stuff in it: fighting, gun fighting, fighting with cars/boats/planes, a girl, more fighting, explosions, more explosions, one or two of the sub-characters dying along the way, more fighting and finally victory.

Again, I must state the fact that there is no real way to come up with 10 great guy movies because someone will go, “Hey Timothy, what about this movie over here?” And I will say, “Yup, that definitely belongs in the Top 10,” at which point the Top 10 list eventually becomes a Top 100 list. Since my attention span for such posts like this is about as long as it takes Jason Borne to kill off a fellow agent, we will have to stick with 10.

So here it is:

  1. First off is The Bourne Identity, starring Jason Bourne. This one gets top nod because every guy can ultimately identify with Jason Bourne in the amnesia department. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, just ask our girlfriends/wives, etc. We forget things all the time and end up in big fights over it all, just like Jason. While our fights usually end up in us apologizing to our girlfriends/wives, we can definitely see where Jason is coming from in trying to bump off the entire CIA. That is a lot of anger built up in that man. I also include the subsequent two movies in this position as well, but not the fourth Bourne move. It was… weak.
  2. Skyfall — this is the latest movie featuring James Bond. While any number of the Bond movies could make the list, it is only since the Daniel Craig era of Bond movies that they have taken on a … Bourne feel to them, thus making the entire series much more intense and fun to watch. We also like that fact that Bond has access to so many beautiful woman. Not that we approve of course, but if you are an agent for MI6, then an occasional millionaire mistress is to be expected. BTW, the production for the next Bond movies with Daniel Craig starts in January.
  3.  Saving Private Ryan — This is one of those movies where the hero, played by Tom Hanks, gets killed in the end. Tom Hanks is a lot like John Wayne, in that they rarely get killed in the end. The reason this movie is ranked number three is because it truly capture the war movie experience for the audience, and it encompassed all the stories of WWII I heard growing up, like the solider who gets shot in the helmut, takes it off to look at the dent, and then gets shot and killed immediately because he didn’t have on his helmut. I remember hearing that story from some war veterans when I was a boy. I think Steven Spielberg heard that story too.
  4. Shawshank Redemption — Best prison feel good movie of all time! That is all you need to know. Just about every guy that collects movies, has collected this one and if he doesn’t have it, he knows he can catch it on some off cable network about once every three weeks.
  5. Gladiator — Best gladiator feel good movie of all time. So far, this is the only one on my list that I do not own. So it has been a while since I’ve seen it. Can’t wait to see it again.
  6. Braveheart — “Freedom!” Another movie where the hero dies in the end. I think this was the best Mel Gibson movie ever. It was so well done that even those of us who are of English descent, with a tad of Scottish, end up being Scottish by the end of the movie! It’s a classic!
  7. The Matrix — I didn’t really like this one, but I know that so many guys do, to leave it off would probably remove any serious credibility to the list. Also, I don’t own this one.
  8. Patton — starring George C. Scoot. I rue the day that the idiots in Hollywood try to remake this movie. They will fail miserably. Just the opening speech by Patton alone  puts the movie in the Top 10. His opening line: “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” It is only when you understand this truth that you know the essence of war: over powering and killing the enemy until he surrenders unconditionally. Since we’ve lost that understanding, this movie should be required viewing for every high-school history class.
  9. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World — this one may get some disagreement because it wasn’t that popular. But it should be. It really captures the sea experience that so many endured during the 1800s. That alone puts it in the Top 10.
  10. Apollo 13 — This one makes the list because of how well it captured the can-do spirit this country once had when it took on one of it’s greatest accomplishments: going to the moon. I remember growing up while all these events were taking place and knowing all the names of all the astronauts. I even knew the three men killed in Apollo 1, Grissom, Chaffee and White. I remember watching the first steps on the moon with my Dad and brothers down on the coast at a bar with a television. My Dad’s boat didn’t have a television and we did get hamburgers while at the bar. I remember waking up on Saturday morning and complaining that there was another launch, which meant no Saturday-morning cartoons, and still watching every moment of the launch. This movie is a real tribute to that bygone era. Plus, it brings out the geek in all of us, at least it should.

OK, there are my Top 10 guy movies of all time. Please, no admonitions about removing the proverbial “man card” because I failed to list one of your favorite movies. Just let me know what you think should have been there in the comments section.

Prayer Changes Us, Not God


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I have really enjoyed re-reading A.W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, and noticed that the last time, I didn’t finish it. I had one chapter to go: God’s Sovereignty and Prayer. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book, for it really dispels the belief that we can change God via our prayer.

This is a common misconception among evangelicals. They tell stories of how certain people prayed so much and because of that, were able to do so much. The story is often told that Martin Luther would pray three hours a day. Well-meaning Christians often point out that this is why God used Martin Luther to start the Reformation. I think those people get it completely backwards. God did not use Martin Luther to start the Reformation because he prayed three hours a day. Martin Luther prayed three hours a day because God used him.

After all, if God is sovereign, how in the world do we change God?

This is the main point that Pink makes in his chapter on prayer. God’s will is unmovable from his eternal council. He will bring about His ends and His purpose to His satisfaction, whether we pray about it or not.

Who do we think we are that we can change God at all? What arrogance we fill ourselves with when we tell people that this country is going to hell in hand basket, but if we pray, God will change all that. That is utter nonsense.

Just look at the psalmist who wrote their prayers for us. Do we find God being changed in any of the pleas? Not at all. The only thing that changes is the psalmist, and his understanding of his plight.

Some might ask: “if God is sovereign, then why pray at all?” To which Pink gives us three answers:

  1. Prayer has been appointed that The Lord God Himself should be honored. God requires we should recognize that He is, indeed, “the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity (Isa. 57:17).”
  2. Prayer is appointed by God for our spiritual blessing, as a means for our growth in grace. When seeking to learn the design of prayer, this should ever occupy us before we regard prayer as a means for obtaining the supply of our need. Prayer is designed by God for our humbling. Prayer, real prayer, is a coming into the presence of God, and a sense of His awful majesty produces a realization of our nothingness and unworthiness.
  3. Prayer is appointed by God for our seeking from Him the things which we are in need of. (Pink them reminds his readers of God’s sovereignty and decree of all things). Prayer is not for the purpose of informing God, as if He were ignorant,… but it is to acknowledge He does know what we are in need of. Prayer is not appointed for the furnishing of God with the knowledge of what we need, but is designed as a confession to Him of our sense of need… God requires that His gifts should be sought for. He designs to be honored by our asking, just as He is to be thanked by us after He has bestowed His blessing.

You can see that Pink seeks to exalt God while helping us see our need for humility. When we see that God has truly decreed all things, and all things will work out according to His foreordained will, we remember our place as creatures, coming before our Lord in humble submission instead of coming before making demands that He change His plans before is. No, prayer does not change God, it changes us and helps us see our need to enter into His presence in humble reliance.

The Judgment Seat of Christ


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For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,” 2 Corinthians 5:10.

When human history finally comes to a conclusion, and all the people of all time stand up before the final throne of judgment, I imagine there will be two overall responses. The first response will be complete and utter joy on the part of those who are found in Christ. The other response will be shock, outrage and anger on the part of those who find themselves naked and exposed before our Supreme Judge. In this post, I would like to look at the response of those who are born-again.

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Top 10 Chick Flicks of All Time!


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Well, at least my top 10. No, I’m not finding my feminine side or any of that blather. There are just a few movies that I do enjoy that fall into the category of “chick flick.” This list was born out of a conversation on Facebook. Here is my list, not in any particular order.

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Quote From A.W. Pink


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A.W. Pink wrote this more than 60 years ago in his monumental book, The Sovereignty of God:

Today, everything appears to be out of joint. Thrones are creaking and tottering, ancient dynasties are being overturned, democracies are revolting, civilization is a demonstrated failure; half of Christendom was but recently locked-togeter in a death grapple; and now that the titanic conflict (World War II) is over, instead of the world having been made ‘safe for democracy,’ we have discovered that democracy is very unsafe for the world.

It seems his insight was right. We keep thinking that the solution to the world’s problems is to instill democracy in every nation and all things will be well. Democracy falls flat because it is not the gospel of Christ. Our fallen world needs the gospel, not another form of governance. We need repentance, salvation, new birth and a healthy fear of God and the judgment He is going to one day bring. As long as we continue to look to forms of government or government itself as the solution, the more that it will become our biggest problem.

Muckraking to the Glory of God


On days like today, I had to go through my check list. It’s not a complicated list. It’s just something I do when I feel immensely insignificant and almost forgotten by God. I know that I’m not forgotten by our Loving Triune God, but those damnable feelings…

What is my check list? It’s easy. It starts like this:

  1. You have been blessed with another day to live. This is supported by the verse somewhere that this is the day that the LORD has made… and I will rejoice and be glad in it.
  2. You woke up in your own bed. Well, not really my own bed. It belongs to my father, but he is letting me use it until I can some how get to a place where I can afford my own place and use my own bed.
  3. You ate breakfast! This one is important, given that there are those who are starving around the world and would just love to sit down with me and eat some fried bacon and eggs with two pieces of toast and Smucker’s Blackberry Jam. We need to rejoice that He is taken care of us. Simply eating is a part of that reality.
  4. I have a job. Actually, I have three jobs. One is working at Texas A&M in their turf field lab, doing all manner of things including muckraking (see below). Another is at the country club, which doesn’t pay much, but allows me to play golf for free. The third is substitute teaching. I only do that so I will have access to insurance. God has and is providing for me through all three jobs.
  5. No one tried to kill me today because I’m a Christian. This one fact has ended more pity parties than you will ever know. We see weekly how our dear brothers and sisters in the LORD are being martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ. The day may come when I too will be martyred, but it’s not this day. For that, I rejoice.

I have to go through this quick checklist quite often. This morning I did so because I had to clean out the water-meter boxes again so I could take meter readings. The boxes are filled with the most vile mud and goop known to man. The water that sits there, until I pump it out, is rancid as well. It’s muck, the worst kind, and I have to clean it out so that hopefully the water will quit filling up in the boxes and drain as they were designed to do. I think the design worked for the first 10 years of the project. But the boxes are not draining now and that leads me to raking the muck up, putting it in a 2 gallon bucket and hauling it off to an empty field. It stinks, and no matter how careful I am, I get the stuff on me. Even as I write this, the horrible smell is still embedded in my nasal membranes. That won’t change for a while.

But I don’t complain. Raking up that muck is part of God’s provision for my life right now. While most people would head for a McDonald’s for gainful employment, I press on for God’s glory. I also realize that in a metaphorical sense, raking up muck like I do on a weekly basis is very similar to full-time ministry. There are always situations where the metaphor works. And just as I get the real muck on me from time to time, in full-time ministry, the muck is always flying. So maybe God is preparing me for ministry again. For Moses, he had to take care of smelly sheep. For me, my task is cleaning out the meter boxes and raking up the muck. To God be the glory.


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