Johnny Manziel Needs to Grow Up

I know, we were all enamored with Johnny Manziel four years ago. His haphazard style of play, helped him defeat powerhouse Alabama on the road and led to him being the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. We thought that there would never be anyone like him again on the field.

Now, four years later, every time I hear the name Johnny Manziel, I cringe. While he brought a lot of attention to Texas A&M University, along with the Heisman Trophy, I think most Aggies would confess that Manziel has been an embarrassment ever since. He is like a 16 year old with no restraint. He thinks life’s best moments are tied up in standing at a bar with frat boys getting plastered and shouting how plastered they are getting. He thinks the life that is best, is that of a drunken frat boy and shouting “dude!” He is empty headed.

Manziel’s latest escapade into a bar cost him the starting QB position with the Cleveland Browns. He had been named the starting QB, but once it was discovered that he was once again, acting like a child under the influence of lots of alcohol and the testosterone crowd at a light-night establishment, the coaches benched him. You can see the video here.

The good thing is that I don’t think people associate him with Texas A&M University any longer. He has been in the NFL long enough that most people will forget the connection. At least we can say, “He is no longer our circus, nor our monkey.”

Just one more point, let this be a lesson to the Heisman Trophy select committee: don’t select freshman any longer. Manziel’s selection clearly has gone to his head, and there is not much there for him to deal with the fame he has been given. He completely lacks the maturity to play in the NFL. He is without any level of wisdom or understanding. Ultimately, he is a fool in the worst sense.

Maybe he will begin to learn from the long-string of mistakes he has made in his life and grow up. If I could say anything to him at all, it would be just that: “Please, grow up! The gangsta frat life is not working out well for you or anyone else.”

BTW: For those who have been coming to my blog just recently, please note that I do occasionally write about sports. If you are bored with this post, I understand.

Forced Thanksgiving

I remember finally being gathered around the dinner table on Thanksgiving day, ready to eat after smelling the food for hours on end, hungry beyond belief. Then came that dreaded statement: “Before we eat, let’s go around the table and tell what we are thankful for.”

It didn’t matter whether we were eating at my mother’s house, or my father’s house, it was the same. We hated that question. We didn’t want to sit there and come up with an answer while our food screamed at us that it was ready, beyond ready.

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More Thoughts on Suicide and the Jason Foundation

Recently I had to take some online training for being a teacher with the Jason Foundation. This prompted me to think about their claims that Suicide is a Bad Choice. In other words, when it comes to telling other children not to commit suicide, the best reason they could give was that it was a “bad choice.” They could not give any rationale for the reason it was a bad choice, which shows the emptiness of their worldview.

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Three Rules of Life

On Friday as I was teaching my sixth graders, one of them duly noted that there was another class outside playing in the field across the street from the school. They quickly declared that they wanted to go out there and play with them. I told them that we had work to do and we were not going to join the other class outside.

If you have spent five minutes with any child at all in you life, you know their next statement: “That’s not fair!”

My quick response was: “There are three truths you need to know for today. The first is that life is not fair. The second is that nothing is “free.” The third is that Santa Claus comes from the land of make believe!”

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25 Years of Being Led by Christ

CSLewisNovember 1990. Twenty five years ago, the Holy Spirit moved in my life, replaced my heart of stone, gave me a heart of flesh and led me to the Savior. It was 25 years ago that God’s rich and unfathomable grace, was poured into my life and I was rescued from Satan and the kingdom of darkness, and brought into the Kingdom of Light.

Up until that point, I had been a child of the world, living for myself, pursuing satisfaction of the flesh and loving the life of debauchery. By His grace, after hearing the gospel through my cousin Hank, a Missouri Synod preacher in Wichita Falls and Tommy Nelson at Denton Bible Church, I trusted in Christ for my salvation.

I remember the night clearly. I worked all day at the newspaper and got off around 11 p.m. I rushed home, grabbed a bite to eat and headed up to my room in the house I rented with a photographer from the paper at 1801 Pearl Avenue. I never saw my roommate, so it was pretty much like living alone. I sat down at the table I used for my desk in my room and begin doing what I had done every night for the previous two weeks, I read the Bible. The words were alive to me like never before.

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70,000 Hits!

Heidi and I were checking the stats for the year tonight and it was sitting and 69,980 hits. She said, “Do you want me to contact 20 of my closest friends?” and the blog counter jumped to more than 70,000. We both laughed.

What this means is that I have my best year since I started blogging back in 2005 and 2006 on this blog. My best year until this one was 2012, when I had 62,288 hits. I’m not sure I will be able to follow up with another year like this one, but will give it a go! It seems like I have written fewer posts, but with more impact. That seems to work well for me.

So… here is to 70,000 hits!