The Table is the Same, Year After Year

This time, my sister set the table. Since my father’s death back in January, most of his estate has been given to my wonderful sister Amy and her husband Chris. There is one clear reason for this: only my sister and Chris could take care of the place as it needed to be taken care of. I’m truly thankful for my father’s wisdom in his estate planning because, for one more Thanksgiving, I got to enjoy the estate that he and Amy’s mother, Liz, built.  Thankfully,  Amy and Chris are striving to maintain that estate as was intended by Gene and Liz.

I hope and pray that they are touched by my words. As I write this, I have to fight back the tears at the joy that I have in knowing only Amy could keep the tradition of Thanksgiving alive, as my father, and her mother, wanted it to be. That was their desire for the estate, that it would always remain in the hands of blood relatives, for the benefit of the rest of the blood relatives. On Friday, my wife and I, along with my sons, benefited and enjoyed the estate, just as my father, and Amy’s mother Liz, intended it to be.

Amy and Chris, thank you for having us. Thank you for striving to keep up the estate. You two are the only ones in the family who could have done so. I pray the LORD continues to provide for both of you. We love you, Timothy and Heidi.

All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons, 2022. 

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