The Master Builder — A Sermon 1 Corinthians 3:5-17

Paul has been preaching against those who use worldly wisdom in an attempt to advance the gospel, and more often than not, to advance their own careers. He says those who do such, make the gospel of no effect.

In Paul’s day, it was the wisdom of the Greek orator that was being foisted on the church.

In our day, false shepherd strives to be winsome, and is part of what is called a the Winsomeness Project. It’s been named this by Owen Strachan, and the Winsomeness Project has been in effect for some 20 years. (Go here to listen to his podcast).

The goal of those who are trying to be winsome is to preach in such a way, that unbelievers would give them applause. The winsome preacher is trying to find favor with the world and unbelievers. He achieves great success if he ever gets any kudos from an unbeliever. That is Utopia for the winsome preacher.

On the other hand, the winsome preacher’s enemy is the man who actually preaches what the Bible says about hell, sin, and eternal damnation. The winsome preacher is trying to distance himself from such Christians. His goal is to make sure the world knows that he is not one of those Christians. He completely disapproves of such men.

I stand before you as one who has been blessed by such disapproval, because I’m about to continue preaching a book that condemns the winsome preacher.

As we look at our text this afternoon, I want us to see three things: first, God’s ownership, second The Master Builder, and third, the Only Foundation.

Listen to the full sermon below.

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