Apocalyptic Writing

Now that I have given it some thought, I think the above quote would be better if instead of saying a “behind-the-scenes” look, it said “a view from God’s perspective,” or from a “heavenly perspective.”

This is all coming about through our recent study of The Revelation of Jesus Christ. We know that the Apostle John penned the book, but it is truly a Revelation from Christ, to the people who were undergoing The Tribulation. Yes, I said that correctly.

I say this because this is what John wrote in chapter 1. He was a fellow partaker in “the tribulation.” To try and water this down, so that it means “general tribulation,” does an injustice to the text. We always ask ourselves: “what does the text say?”

It does us no good to ask that, and then say, “it doesn’t say that.”




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