Organized Religion

From Christopher Neiswonger:

This morning in the sermon we’re going over the dreaded “organized religion”! and why as much as people might shy from the pitfalls of the organized church, the worse thing is ‘disorganized religion’ – where people get hurt, chaos reigns, bad people have the opportunity to do harm, and there is no probability that the message and manner of Jesus will be meaningfully preserved.

Like it or not, the Church is a thing, ordained by God, led by Christ, and upon the foundation of the Prophets and Apostles. It already has a form, content and character. What people are usually reacting to when they fear or disdain the church is that the churches they’ve tried reject or disdain the biblical form and content, but they don’t know enough to tell the difference.

Here are some key characteristic: if love and mercy do not reign, but judgment and anger set the tone, the beauty of the kingdom has been passed by.

If holiness of life is not taken to be the expression of a true and lively faith that religion is likely worthless.

And if salvation is works and slavish fear and not the gift of God by grace through faith that Gospel is a shipwreck for souls.

You can find his blog here.

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