9 Degrees

9°! At least they were close in that regard. I’m never one to place much trust in those who predict the weather, unless it’s August and they predicted hot and sunny weather… because that is what takes place 95% of the time in August, in Texas.

What were they predicting for us in Central Texas? For two days, they predicted 4 to 5 inches of snow with this mornings low at -1 degrees. You can see for yourself what the temperature actually was. As for snow, maybe a half inch over two days.

Remember that when a weather man, woman, child, dog, etc., predicts harsh weather to come,  there are no consequences if the weather man is wrong. He gets a pass. Also realize that predicting the weather is an exceedingly boring job, even for weather men.

This gives us two results: First, they always hire guys that are just shy of Bozo the clown personality wise. They have to work at keeping our interest. Then when severe weather might come about, they lose all restraint. This is their moment to seem important.

Secondly, they have to come up with more and more terms for the weather to explain things, like polar vortex. I remember similar weather back in the 1980s and they blamed it on the jet stream. They were always telling us what the jet stream was doing. Funny, but they don’t mention the jet stream much these day.

How should we respond: wait and see. They are right sometimes, the same as a broken clock.


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