Top Photos of 2020, Volume 4. Please Vote!

PLEASE VOTE. It only takes a few seconds. Yes, you have to make a decision. But it’s an easy one. It’s not like deciding between two equally bad political candidates. Just photos. Which one do you like the best. Thanks.

This is the fourth installment of our Top Photos of 2020 series and the votes are coming in slowly. In the first post, Andy is clearly winning with 66% of the vote, over 22% of the vote for Glassy Sunrise, and 11% of the vote for the dog. Exciting huh?

However, I just realized by the time this post publishes on Saturday, the voting will be closed for that post. There is time for you to vote in the other polls as well. Thanks.

Below is Mountain Road from Cloudcroft, NM, Junction Bridge in Little Rock, and Scarlett. My money is on Scarlett although I really like Junction Bridge…


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