New Bible

I tried this several years ago, shifting from the Bible I have had since 1999, to a newer version. The only reason I wanted to do so, is that when I’m in the pulpit preaching, the Bible I have is difficult for me to read. Part of that is simply not having adequate glasses for the distance. In fact, I’ve found that the Bible is easier to read, as it is resting on the pulpit, by taking off my glasses.

My first attempt at a newer version didn’t work. I got an English Standard Version. I kept finding I had too many disagreements with the translators. I know. Who am I to disagree with such a fine panel of scholars and translators? But I do have my preferences. When the Greek text says that we should “gird up our loins,” which is an act made by men preparing to go into battle, I don’t want it translated…”be ready.” Kind of loses its emphasis.

I also didn’t like the fact that the ESV, and a host of other translations, didn’t capitalize the divine pronouns. That is lazy and disrespectful.

So I went back to using my New King James Version, which some of the most respected Greek scholars absolutely despise. I only actually know two Greek scholars, and of the two of them, I’ve only heard one say he didn’t like that translation. But I do.

That’s why I ordered a new one. The difference is the font is slightly easier to read and text is laid out in columns. That seems to make the difference.

Of course, we ordered it almost 3 weeks ago, and it was about 4 days later than expected. When did I get it? On Monday, which was Labor Day. Apparently, the US Post Office decided to pay my carrier time-and-a-half to get it to me.

It came in very fine packaging. As should be the case with God’s word.

Notice the silver seal?

I love that they decided to put “Holy Bible” on the spine. We should go back to using the adjective in referring to the Bible… the Holy Bible.

One of my favorite passages from the Old Testament.

This is what the older version looked like.


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