Blue Bell Ice Cream: Top 10 Flavors

Given that we are just coming off the July 4th holiday, in which thousands of calories were consumed in ice cream alone, I thought it appropriates to list my Top 10 favorite Blue Bell Ice Cream flavors. Especially given that just moments ago, I polished off a bowl of one of my Top 10s, a bowl of Dutch Chocolate with the last remaining scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip. Realize, that is far as I’m concerned, I don’t care for any other type of ice cream other than Blue Bell. I know there are those who like differing brands, but for me, Blue Bell is the standard. This is for several reasons. First, Blue Bell is the best. Second, Blue Bell Ice Cream is from Texas. That heaven that the cows believe they are in, is none other than Brenham, TX, where I have lived and my father currently lives. Brenham is a slice of heaven for me. Every time I go to my father’s ranch, I think I’m in heaven. Finally, growing up, we always loved ice cream but knew the it was truly special when we could have Blue Bell. That is still true today!

So without further adieu (that’s French for get to the point) here is my list of Blue Bell flavors.

Number 1 — Natural Vanilla Bean. By far the best of all their vanillas because it captures the flavoring just right, and like the rest of the vanillas, you can add to it for a fine creation. My favorite addition is chocolate syrup with crunched up Oreo cookies and whip cream.

Number 2 — Dutch Chocolate. This is what, in my opinion, God had in mind when He thought of the word “chocolate.” There is no better chocolate ice cream or representation of what chocolate ice cream should be than Dutch Chocolate. After all, it’s chocolate which means that it is heavenly by nature, an Dutch which means that it’s the ice cream of all TULIP wearing Calvinists!!!

Number 3 — Mint Chocolate Chip. How they came up with this idea, I will never know, but it’s like the mint Girl Scout cookies turned into ice cream. Plus, it’s a year around ice cream so available all year long. They also have seasonal ice creams which are … seasonal.

Number 4 — Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The best of two desserts. Cookie dough, which is the best time to eat the cookie, and ice cream. I know this one may have been invented by those liberal loons back on the east coast, but Blue Bell took the idea and perfected it.

Number 5 — French Vanilla. Much like the Natural Bean Vanilla, only French.

Number 6 — Caramel Turtle Fudge. A seasonal ice cream, but one worth waiting for. They add the caramel, and like anyone who loves a Snickers or a Milky Way to chocolate you have something special.

Number 7 — Peaches and Homemade Vanilla. This one makes the list at the recommendation of my Dad, who lives in Brenham. Using Texas-grown peaches, they have combined one of their top vanillas for a Sunday treat that is worth the wait and anticipation. It’s season because once the peach crop has come and gone, so has the ice cream. We haven’t had a shipment arrive here in Jackson yet. I keep hoping.

Number 8 — Banana Split. Everything that those of us who like banana splits think that it should be.

Number 9 — **Dessert Trio – Brown Rimย 
A triple treat of your most favorite desserts combined with our ice cream. Smooth vanilla ice cream loaded with chocolate chip cookie pieces, luscious pecan brownies, and chocolate-coated cake pieces all surrounded by a swirl of rich, chocolate sauce. (OK, this is so new, I haven’t tried it yet. But alas, another Blue Bell flavor to look forward to!)

Number 10 — Cherry Cheesecake. Another seasonal delicacy worth the wait. Since my love for cherries has increase over the years, so has my love for cheesecake and cherry cheesecake ice cream.

OK, that is my list. What is yours? Please… no Benjamin & Gerald’s ice creams please. All they do is add extra sugar to that which everyone else is already doing and charge an arm and a leg.


69 thoughts on “Blue Bell Ice Cream: Top 10 Flavors

  1. Julie

    #7 on your list sounds wonderful!
    Remember, we’re the tight-wads…so I’m heading to the fridge now to have some Walmart Great Value brand chocolate ice cream :-). Somehow, I think it’s still gonna be yummy.
    I hope the Hammons family had a wonderful 4th!
    Blessings, Julie


    1. Hi Julie,
      I understand the cheap thing. We had a great 4th. Spent it with old and new friends. Cooked hamburgers and hot dogs, lots of ice cream and a few fireworks to boot. Hope you had a wonderful day as well. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Robert, do you work for Blue Bell? If you are in Brenham, say hello to my father when you see him, Gene C. Hammons.

        Also, my banner shot is of his place in Brenham.

        One more point, this post is in my top 3 all time posts. People love Blue Bell. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  3. Zoya

    i think the strawberry cheese cake would be icing to this list. this is the only one i think should be added, because i absolutly love the others as well.


      1. Same in Centennial. CO. Is this a seasonal flavor? If so, When will it be
        available? I addicted many people to Black Walnut and all waiting to
        find it on the market. If it is not going to be available, please tell us so we
        can find another brand!!!


      2. I just found some Black Walnut Blue Bell Ice Cream this week in Centennial, CO.
        Really hopes this will be available in the future. It is the Best!!! Thanks, Ann Stong


      3. Good deal, Ann. Keep buying it and it will remain on their production list! Get your friends to do so as well.

        BTW, I bought some Cookies ‘N Cream tonight and I’m looking forward to sharing it with my boys.


  4. Georgia

    I really love the Mexican Praline, and can’t find it in any of the stores now. I checked their list on the website, but it wasn’t listed. Neither in the rotational list or permanent list. But it is so good, I would check every store that carried it, and found it somewhere until just recently. Now, alas, I can’t find it!!! It is filled with carmel, praline, and pecans. It is better than Pecan Praline. Hope they haven’t discontinued it.


  5. Banana Pudding ice cream will take you back to your childhood days! Creamy banana pudding ice cream, swirls of whipped cream & nilla wafers. Trust me when I say it’s soooo worth the $$ & calories ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. de

    delicious. I would take any flavor right now because I moved somewhere they don’t sell it. People say just get something else but no ice cream can beat Blu Bell. I keep trying to find something close but can’t. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


  7. Shirley Dedeaux

    When are you going to make Pineapple and Homemade Vanilla again? That is my absolute favorite and should be a permanent flavor. Would really like to know when it will be out again.


  8. Richard Seiden

    One of my favorite Blue Bell flavors is “Butered Pecan”. However I havan’t been able to find it in the store lately. Blue Bell is my favorite brand of ice cream, and I like to stock up on it when it goes on sale at the store.


    1. lucshe8

      I didn’t like black walnut, it went bad in my freezer, no one would eat it. It was too bitter, but I know if my grandpa was still around he would of absolutely loved it.


    2. Inell

      I found Black Walnut at Piggly Wiggly in Giberttown Alabama last week. I also found Lemon Flavor the very best Ice Cream. B
      ut I cannot find BLUE BELL LEMON in Tampa Fl. if anyone know where I can find it in Tampa please post it. Thanks


  9. Janet

    Strawberry Homemade Vanilla is my Daddy’s favorite blue bell , He is 87 years young and doesn’t eat much, but he will eat his favorite blue bell several times daily!


  10. linda aylem

    u guys make absolutely the BEST ice cream ever. BUT i am a q are coffee and chocolate chip mint… neither of these are made by you in no sugar added. the choc mint nsa is made by several companies although none of these are as good as any of your flavors. but coffee ice cream in nsa made by you would be an answer to my prayers. consider how many cartons of coffee you distribute and how many diabetics love coffee and i think you have a winner. starbucks java chip would be a nice one to duplicate in nsa. trust me i have searched… no one makes a nsa coffee ice cream!!!!


  11. Xiaoding

    It’s crap. Tastes good, I’ll give it that. But it has “high fructose corn syrup” amoungst it’s supposedly “natural” ingredients! Garbage. I will not buy it again, corporate crap for suckers.


  12. greta

    its hard to find blue bell’s mooo-illium crunch vanilla or chocolate in my area… bonifay, florida! walmarts, piggly wiggly dont sell it either! i got some from publix in colorado but im here in florida now! ne ideas?


  13. lucshe8

    My favorites are the original homemade vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I’m craving the great divine right now.


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  15. Boxie

    I wanted to make Spumoni so I bought some Pistachio Almond Blue Bell for the green layer. I wish I hadn’t done that. Now it is our favorite flavor and I eat way too much of it….and I am not
    an ice cream lover. Go figure. The Banana Pudding is excellent too. Taste just like my mother-in-Law’s scratch pudding.


  16. lenny moses

    my great 8………..8.- butter crunch 7. french vanilla 6. vanilla bean 5. home made vanilla 4. banana pudding 3. choclate chip cookie dough 2. blackberry cobbler 1. cookies n cream………. also there are 5 i want to try 5. key lime pie 4. christmas cookies 3. summer strawberry pie 2. homeade shade 1. peach cobbler..peach cobbler is brand new!!!.hon mention that i also like is birthday cake and cake and ice cream


  17. lenny moses

    just for your info, my fav is cookies n cream, i had to stop buying this 2 mnths ago cause i was hooked on it, i have been eating cookies n cream for years and years and when i get some i eat the entire tub, 1/2 gallon, in 1 sitting!!!! no joke i LOVE IT


  18. Linda Barnette

    I have been disappointed that we have not had any peach ice cream in Grenada, MS. It is one of my favorites and I have asked the stores to request it but to no avail.


  19. Kaye Serafin

    What happened to the vanilla with vanilla sandwich cookies in it. I buy about 10 cartons of bluebell each month because of my surgery sometimes it is the only thing I can eat. I loved this flavor and don’t even see it on the list anymore on Bluebell site. BRING IT BACK, it was great!! Also has anyone noticed lately the number of air pockets in a carton. The last 4 I have opened have had huge air pockets near the bottom. The last carton of Peach cobbler has about a cup missing near the bottom. Made me sad!! lol


  20. Ann Stong

    Suddenly Black Walnut Blue Bell ice cream is not in the stores in Centennial, CO. What has
    happened and when can we expect it again? It is too good to be seasonal!


    1. Patti,
      I actually got to take the Blue Bell tour last week with my boys and the reason that flavors go away is because they don’t sell enough of it. So if you like a flavor, buy lots of it. They introduce about 16 new flavors every year, but also remove 16 flavors every year. Sorry your flavor went away.


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  22. Jameson

    Totally disagree with your first choice. Their natural vanilla is just bland in comparison to the homemade vanilla flavor.


  23. Michael

    Hello blue bell ice cream eaters , I would like to tell you that if you do not see the flavor your looking for on the shelf . Go to the customer service center and ask the receiver to ask the blue bell drive if he has that flavor on his truck . Also go to and there you can see what flavors are still available . Just a little FYI from your tampa fl blue bell delivery guy
    And remember the only way to get more blue bell in your favorite store is to ask .
    Have a great day …… Michael G


  24. JTW

    Best in the country??????????? Your engineers are to stupid to make an ice cream sandwich that’s covering doesn’t stick to the product. Blue Bell SUCKS!!!!


  25. sarah salzman

    Do you still make a Dutch Chocolate Almond Ice Cream? Where can I buy it in the NW Indiana area?


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