Since my focus is becoming more theological in nature, I felt like I needed to add a page for a collection theological posts. I will do my best to keep this page up-to-date, (The LORD willing).


Baptism: Necessary Inference — a defense of paedobaptism against one-verse theologians.

Baptism: The Problem with Credo Baptists This article shows that the promises given to all of us in the gospel, are to be given to our children as well. The point is to show that a First Century Jew would have expected to apply the sign of the New Covenant to his entire family, and did so (according to historical records) and the disciples said nothing to stop them. By not giving our children the sign of the covenant, we are treating them as Philistine dogs.

Baptism: God’s Sign to Us, Not a Tool for Our Personal Testimony  A sermon by Paul Viggiano.

Sprinkling Is Baptism

Presbyterian vs. Baptist Baptism — Humor.