Trying to collect theological issues all together. Obviously, this is a work in progress.

The Sabbath

The ESV Disappoints On An Important Verse (Translations)

Genesis 1 and Special Pleading (Apologetics)

Honoring the Sabbath

How We Fall into Idolatry During the Holiday Season

In My Own Words — Sabbath/LORD’s Day Revisited

Fundamentalist and the Sabbath

Keeping the Sabbath/LORD’s Day

The Sabbath and the NFL

Ryle on the LORD’s Day




The LORD’s Supper

Baptism: God’s Sign to Us, Not Our Personal Testimony

John Calvin: On Communion

Why Do Paedobaptist Believe That Baptism Replaces Circumcision

Baptism: The New Testament Sign of Abraham



Double Predestination


Total Depravity

My Egregious Public Error

Our Sin is Greater Than Mount Everest



The Trinity

Of the Trinity

G.I. Williamson on the Trinity

Heresy is Easy: Orthodoxy Not So Much!



The Need for the Regulative Principle

Should Patriotism Have a Place in Worship

What Does God Want in Worship?

Calvin on Worship

Lord’s Day Worship

The Church is Called to Worship God, Not Change the World