The Gospel

Well, I was thinking the other night that I needed to put together a page on the gospel. One of the reasons I write is so that people will have a better understanding of the gospel and what it really means. I’ve been writing about it for years, but never brought it together in one page. So here are the beginnings of this page.

What the Gospel Isn’t

One way to understand what something is, is by understanding what it is not. I’ve done a few articles on what the gospel is not, and in doing so, hopefully you can see what it is. These are not written in any particular order, but as you can see, clarity of the gospel is really important:

The Church is NOT the Gospel — Taken from Michael Horton’s excellent book Christless Christianity. This is one of those books that take some time to read, but is well worth the effort. Whenever I get my books out of storage, I may read it again.

We Are NOT the Gospel — An article on the reality that Christians are not the gospel and no one is going to come to Christ once we start living as we should. The gospel is a declaration of the truth of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins and being raised again. It is not us getting it all together so that we can finally get around to sharing the gospel.

Four Things the Gospel is Not — Another wonderful explanation by Voddie Baucham inspired this piece, and I eventually used the information to print up a flier to pass out to the good people of Roswell, NM. This article also declares what the gospel is.

A Snapshot of the Gospel — In the gospel we are accepted by the Father because of the atoning work of the Son. Here is a real good illustration of this truth.

Law and Gospel — The necessity of the Law in preaching of the Gospel. One slays us for our sin, the other gives us life.

There are more, and I will get to them later.


2 thoughts on “The Gospel

  1. Kay Cude

    Can you contact me? I have a piece on which I would like to reference your article, “Tribulations and Suffering” (reference Hensworth Jonas), but will not do so unless I secure your approval. I will email you a copy via Google Picasa for your review once I have your personal email.

    Kay Cude
    Christian Thoughts on Google Photos


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