A.W. Pink Quote on The LOVE of God

Most of you know that I highly recommend A.W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God for understanding the subject of the title. God’s sovereignty is truly at the heart of Calvinism and is the point of Calvinism. So given the opportunity to run more of Pink’s writing, I give thanks to Danny, who sent me this quote on Sunday after reading my post below about putting God in a box. Danny blogs Dear Children: A Letter from a Father’s Heart. He has some excellent letters, so check it out.

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Prayer Changes Us, Not God

I have really enjoyed re-reading A.W. Pink’s The Sovereignty of God, and noticed that the last time, I didn’t finish it. I had one chapter to go: God’s Sovereignty and Prayer. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book, for it really dispels the belief that we can change God via our prayer.

This is a common misconception among evangelicals. They tell stories of how certain people prayed so much and because of that, were able to do so much. The story is often told that Martin Luther would pray three hours a day. Well-meaning Christians often point out that this is why God used Martin Luther to start the Reformation. I think those people get it completely backwards. God did not use Martin Luther to start the Reformation because he prayed three hours a day. Martin Luther prayed three hours a day because God used him.

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