Roundup That Matters


Gary Varvel nails the gun law debate with the above illustration. The Liberal Left’s answer to everything is “more laws.” In doing so, they refuse to accept the reality that more laws will make no difference at all when it comes to crime in the world. It just means that the criminals will break more laws, but nothing will be done to curb violence because, as we backwards types who are Christians understand, the law is powerless to change the human heart. The only thing that works with criminals is brute force. Thereby the best thing for our society is a well-armed citizenry so that we can protect ourselves and the innocent in society. Our founding fathers understood that principal and is one of the many reasons they gave us the Second Amendment.

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Aggies-Longhorn Game a Matter of Law?

AndyTEX011Apparently a Texas legislator has filed a bill in the house that would require Texas A&M and the t.u. longhorns to play football every year. If you will recall, the t-sips opted out of the rivalry after A&M bolted the Big 12 for the SEC because A&M was tired of the bully tactics of the t-sips. In a snit, the t-sips refused to play A&M any longer, even though A&M was ready to keep the rivalry alive.

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Texas Tech Stands Strong in Face of lhn!

I have to hand it to Texas Tech. They are standing strong against ESPN and the now failing network lhn. For those of you who do not know, lhn is the “longhorn network,” a television network started by ESPN that was to cover the texas longhorns exclusively. In other words, 24 hours of longhorn coverage 7 days a week. (Sounds like purgatory to me!) The idea was to market this o so wonderful brand of t.u. to the nation, sort of like NBC did with Notre Dame.

The problem for ESPN is that they didn’t realize the resolve of other schools in the great state of Texas. The resolve is so great that the alumni for those schools called up their local cable networks and told them that if they carried lhn at all, they would go and find another provider. To this date, only two cable networks are providing lhn, and the network is dying a quick death (not quick enough as far as I’m concerned).

The lhn was the straw the broke the camel’s back concerning Texas A&M, and the reason they left the Big 12 conference for the SEC. The problem was that Dan Beebe, then chairman of the Big 12, would bend over backwards to do what was necessary to make t.u. happy. This was why Colorado, Missouri, and Nebraska all left the Big 12 as well. The rest of the schools were simply pawns in t.u.’s quest to exalt itself.

Until recently at least. In an attempt to keep the lhn alive, ESPN is trying to designate the network as a regular ESPN platform sort of like ESPN2, or ESPNU in order to expand coverage. They have added football games from the Western Athletic Conference in order to do this because there just isn’t enough t.u. to fill 24 hours of programming for even the most avid t.u. fan.

It seems that one of the games that the lhn wants to broadcast is the Texas Tech game with Texas State University, which is a member of the WAC. When Texas Tech learned of the possibility of it being aired on the lhn, they stated that they would cancel the game and pay the buyout costs rather than appear on the lhn. Red Raider Sports reports:

ESPN announced earlier this month that the game would be carried on one of its platforms, but did not specify which.

Tech learned of this possibility several days ago, and according to the source, is “adamantly opposed to playing on the Longhorn Network” and is “putting serious consideration into canceling the game and playing an 11 game schedule” this fall.

“We are extremely disappointed,” the source told RRS. “Our hope is that the Texas State game will be played on a primary ESPN platform.”

Can you see some of the passion that is dooming the lhn? Tech would rather pay the buyout costs than do anything that would aid and abet the lhn in it’s survival. What do you bet that there were quite a few Red Raiders calling their cable companies, along with Aggies, Sooners, Cowboys, Bears, Cougars, Horned Frogs, Mustangs, and others telling them “no lhn!”

That is because we know the diseased underbelly known as t.u. We know how their recruiters will badmouth other schools to prospective recruits. We know the giant-sized egos down at that junior college in Austin who think the entire Big 12 exists for the purpose of exalting t.u. We know how they believe we should just bow down in humble compliance with the demands of their athletic department. We also know we are not going to. Nothing would say this more than the failure of the lhn.

I’m glad Texas Tech is standing strong against the lhn, just as I rejoice that A&M bolted the Big 12 for the SEC. Hopefully, the Big 12 will become a thing of the past in the future and t.u. can have their ultimate desire, to become independent like Notre Dame, and end up with the same record. It is sad that schools like TCU and OU are nothing more than canon fodder for the egos in Austin. May the canon fodder humble those involved with t.u. and the ill-advised lhn.

Texas Aggies Update

It’s been a while since I did an Texas Aggies Update. You have to know that Texas Aggies everywhere are really excited about the inaugural season of football with the SEC and this has us really excited. But there is more to this excitement than just joining the SEC.

First, Kevin Sumlin, the new head football coach, has really begun to assemble a great recruiting class for 2013.  He has done this by promoting the reality that Texas A&M is playing in the best league in the nation, and confronting the lies put forth by those on the recruiting trails from the likes of t.u. Those in the great state of Texas have known for years that t.u. will trash talk all the other schools to recruits. It’s typical coming from that institution. Former A&M coach Mike Sherman ignored the problem, choosing to take the higher road. Sumlin has chosen to confront the attacks with the truth.

Here is what Miketag from Just Wait Til Next Season wrote:

The coaches that Sumlin brought in have a different approach. If a college negatively recruits against A&M, they will get down and dirty in the trenches with them. When Mack Brown tells a wide receiver recruit that A&M has moved out of state and all the Aggie games will be too far away for his parents to watch, the Aggie coaches simply point out Texas’ pedestrian passing game to that recruit.

There is nothing wrong with either approach. Mike Sherman is a stand-up guy and you cannot ask him to be something he is not. These new assistants are young and aggressive and they are not going to take lies from other coaches sitting down.

The response to Sumlin and his coaches so far has been nothing short of amazing. With two cornerbacks giving their verbal pledges yesterday, the Ags now have 19 commitments in the 2013 class and it is only June.

Sumlin has gained commitments from four defensive linemen and two linebackers. He has immediately addressed the glaring issues in the front seven. Aggie fans can expect to see the Ags add two more defensive linemen and two more linebackers to the class before signing day. Bringing in 12 players in the front seven is a great way to fix depth issues.

Sumlin and his staff have achieved their success not only by countering the negative recruiting from other programs, but by changing the perception of the A&M program entirely. Texas A&M has an image as a conservative university, but this football staff is young and hip. Recruits want to play for coaches who are laid back enough to play rap music during the practices like the Aggies do.

Sumlin held a “Friday Night Lights” event where he invited all of the elite recruits in the 2013 and 2014 class to come and watch a scrimmage under the lights at Kyle Field. He and his assistants went on the road and put on satellite football camps at different high schools across the state.

The other issue that should give some Aggies a cause to rejoice is that Bleacher Report did a ranking of the most loyal fans in the nation and Aggies came in at number 7. They rank higher than Arkansas, LSU, t.u., Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Florida, South Carolina, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The only teams that rank higher in fan loyalty are: Penn State, Auburn, Alabama, Nebraska, Ohio State and Michigan, in that order. I think that is deserving of a big Aggie whooooop!

Aggie Update: Big 12-2 Now Minus 3

According to Beergut at I Am the 12th Man, the Aggies should announce today or tomorrow that the move to the SEC is has been approved by the presidents of the SEC schools. Beergut writes:

I received a text message yesterday afternoon saying A&M submitted their request to join the SEC today. I received another text Tuesday evening saying SEC presidents have voted unanimously to accept A&M into the conference. The FWST is reporting that we are going to announce our move today.

He obviously has inside sources. This is good because the Big 12-2 is going to fall apart. Oklahoma and OSU are looking to join the Pac 10. With the lousy way Dan Beebe has fought to save the conference (he hasn’t), the conference may stay together, but it will be made up of t.u. and schools like Stephen F. Austin and North Texas.

By the way, I don’t buy the arguments made by those who are associated with t.u. that the conference is falling apart because of A&M. It falls squarely on t.u.’s shoulders. They wanted to run things and own Dan Beebe. This is why Nebraska bailed last year and why the conference will fall apart. Spend some time at I Am the 12th Man and follow the links. There are enough people in the press who recognize the problem for what it is: t.u. wanted to run the show, get all the money, have all the attention. That’s fine. They can just do it alone. Let A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc. join conferences that see the need for conferences. If you want to be a one-man show, that’s fine. Just don’t make us support you in your endeavors and don’t blame us for the conference’s demise.


Apparently the SEC has accepted A&M, but that is pending a lawsuit from Baylor University. According to

The Southeastern Conference voted unanimously to accept Texas A&M as its 13th member, according to a statement released Wednesday morning by the SEC office.

But the invitation is contingent on each Big 12 school waiving its right to litigation.

According to a letter from Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe dated Sept. 2 and released by the SEC office Wednesday, Beebe confirmed that no legal action against the SEC relating to Texas A&M’s departure would be taken provided the SEC publicly affirmed the Aggies’ admission by Sept. 8.

Dr. Bernie Machen, the University of Florida president who is chairman of the SEC presidents and chancellors, said in the SEC’s statement Wednesday that one of the Big 12 schools had withdrawn its previous consent and was considering legal action.

Various reports Wednesday identified that school as Baylor. The president of Baylor is Ken Starr, former independent counsel whose inquiry led to the impeachment of U.S. President Bill Clinton.

OK, Ken Starr went from being a hero to a… anti-hero in one act!

BTW, this story is developing faster than I can post it. I started on this post much earlier this morning, but since I’m having trouble with my browsers… I have not been able to publish it.

Texas Aggies Move to SEC is Imminent

It seems the talks about the Texas Aggies leaving the Big12-2 and joining the SEC is heating up. I Am the 12th Man is reporting that the Board of Regents has moved up their next meeting to this coming Monday. Given that the presidents of the SEC are meeting tomorrow, you have an accelerated timeline in bringing about A&M move into the SEC.

This means that this will be the last year that the Aggies play sports in the Big 12-2. I knew this would be the end result after last year’s contraction of the conference when Nebraska  and Colorado left the conference. Back then, the action of the Big 12 was to save the Big 12. In other words, let’s just do some damage control and maybe it will stay together. Once they managed to keep the schools together for the Big 12-2, they sat back on their backsides and patted themselves on the back. What they should have been doing is trying to increase the size and viability of the conference, in order to make it better. They didn’t and this is the result, especially given that t.u. now has their own television network, given them an untenable advantage over the other teams in the conference.

Now that the conference is really on the verge of taking a back seat in the world of college football, t.u. is scrambling by trying to prevent A&M’s departure from the conference. They know how that will hurt the conference, and their standing in the world as well.

Miketag over at the 12th Man reports:

“If you can’t beat ’em. join em.” That is how the old saying goes. In tu’s case, the most appropriate motto is, “if you can’t beat ’em and are afraid to join ’em, conspire against them.” After months of ignoring Texas A&M’s move towards the SEC, now that the time of the move is upon us, tu is trying to block it. Last night word came out that tu has hired the PR/lobbying firm HillCo Partners to try to smear A&M and lobby members of the state legislature to block our move to the SEC. It is extremely humorous to me that the same people who claimed we never had an offer to join the SEC, the SEC would never want us by ourselves, tu tells us what to do etc, is not doing everything in their power to keep us from joining this conference that supposedly did not want us.

t.u. hasn’t been honest in quite some time. One of their more recent ventures into dishonesty was their claim by their president that they would not be airing high-school football games on their new television network. By doing so, this would give them an unfair advantage in the recruiting process, by airing those games where potential recruits are playing. Their president said they would not do this, but later it was revealed, he was trying to do just that. The NCAA had to rule that the longhorn network could not air high school games, despite the fact that ESPN and t.u. plan on ignoring the ruling.

As for the move itself, I am glad. It will make A&M a better team in the long run. There may be an initial shock in the first year or so, but once the recruiting improves with the prospect of players playing in the best conference in the country, so too will A&M’s team. All you have to do is tell them that they will be playing teams like LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, etc., and that the last 5 National Championships have come from the SEC, and they will want to play at Kyle Field on a regular basis.

The other aspect is that we are ultimately telling t.u. we are not longer playing the roll of little brother. We’re moving out of the house and heading elsewhere to make our fortunes. Sometimes that is best. I’m not sure if A&M and t.u. will play on a regular basis after this. But that really doesn’t bother me since t.u. isn’t that good right now. Gig ‘Em Aggies! Beat the hell outta of the SEC!

Texas Aggies Defeat t.u. 24-17!

Like many of their games, the Texas Aggies came through when it counted Thursday night in defeating the evil-orange-empire Austin, a.k.a., t.u. longhorns, with a defense that stepped up when it needed and a Cyrus Gray who stepped us for 223 yards rushing and two touchdowns. That was the most ever for an Aggie back against Texas.

Von Miller also stepped up to make several key defensive plays with three sacks, a fumble recovery and an interception which sealed the game for the Aggies with a little over two minutes to go.

The t-sips were moving the ball with determination and it looked like they would be able to score a tying touchdown with just under 3 minutes to go. I remember thinking to myself that if they did indeed score the touchdown and tie up the game, there would be just enough time to take the ball down and get a field goal for the victory. The Aggies didn’t need it because Von Miller dropped back into coverage instead of rushing the passer and picked off the ball ending t.u.’s hope. It was sweet and a wonderful end for a defense that has stepped up for the past six games. I would have to say that the Wrecking Crew Defense is definitely back in town.

Yet the most explosive plays came from Cyrus Gray. He had two touch down runs of 84 yards and 48 yards. This really showed how explosive he can be. It was also his sixth game in a row with 100 yards plus in rushing, doubling the effort for 223 total yards. That was the first time a running back has had more than 200 yards for the Aggies since 1995, when Leland McElroy did it. That was back in the Clinton Administration. That is a long time and shows that we haven’t had a dominant running back in years. Just part of the puzzle.

That most awesome aspect of the game was knowing that it kept the t-sips out of bowl contention for the first time under Mack Brown’s leadership. The t-sips ended the season at 5-7, with a losing record (their first losing season since 1997) and a chance for all their players to get plenty of rest during the Christmas holidays because they will be sitting on the couch, eating Hot Tamales watching everyone else play football. The longhorns must be really smarting since they just played for a National Championship back in January and here they are not even getting to a bowl. That makes the Alabama win over Texas in January much sweeter.

Some of you might ask, “But Timothy, don’t you want texas to do well when they play outside the conference?” No, no I don’t! As my father says, “They could be playing North Korea and I hope they lose.”

Other records to fall this season for the t-sips, they also lost to Oklahoma State and Baylor for the first time in 12 years! Ouch! They get to sit at home!

Here are a couple more notes from David Ubben, ESPN’s reporter that covers the Big 12:

What it means for Texas: Texas will most likely be home for the holidays for the first time since 1997. There are 64 bowl-eligible teams in America, and 70 slots for bowl teams. Eleven more teams will play over the weekend to achieve bowl eligibility. Want to keep an eye on your fate, Longhorns? Here are the remaining teams playing for bowl eligibility this week: Colorado, Louisville, Houston, Western Michigan, Oregon State, California, Tennessee, Georgia, Troy, Florida International and Louisiana-Monroe. Six of those teams must win to keep a 5-7 team from playing in a bowl.

What it means for Texas A&M: Texas A&M finishes their regular season on a six-game winning streak in Big 12 play that featured two road wins and two wins over top 10 teams. If Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State on Saturday, the Aggies will be in a three-way tie for first in the Big 12 South. Here’s more on how that tiebreaker will be settled. The Aggies aren’t completely eliminated, but in all likelihood, the winner of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on Thursday will advance to the Big 12 title game next Saturday at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Also, please note the following, Bruce Feldman had this prediction about Thursday’s game.

ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman:

Texas A&M 24, Texas 17. UT had 57 carries and still didn’t have a single rush go for more than 18 yards against [Florida Atlantic]. This isn’t a great Aggies D, but it has improved, and A&M has more firepower and confidence on offense at this point.

It’s not often that you see someone get the exact score. All in all, the Aggie victory was truly sweet icing on the Thanksgiving cake.

Texas Aggie Update & Other College Tidbits

Aggies & Tigers

Yes, it’s that time again to discuss my dearly beloved Texas Aggies, since they are playing the Missouri Tigers tomorrow in football and will lose. I know, there are predictions that this is going to be the signature win for head coach Mike Sherman as he finally gets the team he wants on the field and they don’t throw it away (literally) with half a dozen turnovers.

One such prediction come from the Houston Chronicle:

Mike Sherman is 30 games into his Texas A&M gig, and at this point he’s two wins behind his once-embattled predecessor, Dennis Franchione.

Sherman is 13-17; Franchione was 15-15 through 30. Mediocrity all around — and a greater appreciation in Aggieland for R.C. Slocum and his career record of 123-47-2. Bringing us to Saturday, and the importance of a victory for the Sherman Era, when the 3-2 Aggies play host to unbeaten and No. 21 Missouri at 11 a.m.

The Aggies started last year 3-0 before dropping their next three, prompting a round of “here we go agains” from the A&M faithful. The Aggies started this season 3-0 and have dropped their last two — at Oklahoma State and against Arkansas in Arlington. But it’s how they’ve lost — both times on the game’s last play — that offers fans a ray of hope.

But alas, I don’t like to believe in rays of hope. When it comes to the kingdom of man, rays of hope are nothing more than hype. Sherman will actually have to produce before I believe in this team again. It is true that the Aggies just barely lost to Oklahoma State and Arkansas. But that is the talk of those who are comfortable with mediocrity. I reject it. As that great poet once said, “a loss is a loss, is a loss is a loss.”

In the world of sports, a loss is for losers.

College Traditions

OK, other news the Aggies did make Bleacher Report’s Top 50 College Traditions, twice. The first listing is at position 44 with the Aggie War Hymn.

The Second, and at number 3 on the list, with The 12th Man.

That is the one I love the most. Also, please note, that the phrase “The 12th Man” is copyrighted by Texas A&M University. The Seattle Seahawks tried to use it a couple of years ago, and lo and behold, the Aggies suddenly started receiving donations to the university from the Seahawks after their lawyers spoke to the lawyers of the Seahawks. We’ll take the money any way we can get it.

Fox Sports Top 10 Overrated Teams

Well, there are quite a few, but only one that needs to be noted here: t.u. is on the list at position number 2. Sad that Fox Sports took so long to figure this one out. Aggies have been saying it for years.