Happy New Year From “The World!”

The best that I can wish for you for the coming year is that you grow in grace and the fruits of the Spirit. I don’t mean this in a trite a manner, but I’m thinking of the statement by J.C. Ryle about heaven. He wrote “heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people.” So my hope for you is that you grow in the things of the Spirit, like humility, holiness, obedience to our LORD, faithfulness, kindness, etc., so that you are prepared for our eternal home. Not wishing you to go there soon, but to be ready in His timing.

In the process of writing this, I asked the question: “what would our foes, The World, The Flesh, and The Devil, want for us in the coming year?”

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Now let’s talk about Mother Teresa . . .

Lest I step on some ecumenical bozos’ toes, please, fellow Protestant pastors, please quit referring to Mother Teresa as some saint of Christianity. She was not, and is not a Christian. She is a great Catholic, but the two are different. Theology matters people. Mother Teresa lived her life helping Hindus become better Hindus… so they can spend eternity in hell? She was at odds with our Savior.

For Phoebe & Joseph: RCC Cult or Not?

For Phoebe and Joseph.

Phoebe has made the claim that the RCC is a cult. Joseph responded that it was not. Phoebe’s response is below. So that both don’t take over the comments section of the Top 10 Hymns, I’m posting Phoebe’s comments here, so they can respond on this post.

I welcome both of their input to the topic. However, I don’t wish to engage right now. This is not my battle.

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