Franklin Graham Has It Wrong on Trump


The false premise of our current political debate is that we have to vote for a less evil man in order to save the country.

Once again, after the latest debauch-fest by Trump is revealed, another evangelical leader came forth telling fellow believers we must vote for this Cretan. One of the reoccurring themes we have seen in this election cycle has been evangelical leaders, who absolutely chastised Bill Clinton while he was in office for his moral turpitude, now turning and supporting one who is just as morally depraved. These leaders are doing so have some inkling of hope in the Supreme Court, as if our hope is ever to be in the Supreme Court. In the process, they are losing legitimacy in their witness by selling out their values. I know they mean well. They are doing what they can to “save the nation.” And therein lies the problem. We are not called, anywhere in Scripture, to save the nation. We cannot save the nation.

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Trump’s October Surprise

We should not have been surprised this would happen with Donald Trump. In case you have not heard, there are some tapes of him bragging about his sexual exploits, to the point that it sounds like he approves of rape. Some would say they don’t see him recovering from this.

I would say that this is what we should have expected. The Republicans wanted a rock star, and they got a rock star. Please don’t be surprised by the analogy. Stardom brings unrestrained behavior by its very nature. So we should not be surprised at the level of depravity we are discovering in Trump.

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Dear Fellow Christians

Dear Fellow Christians,

You still have not convinced me from Scripture how it is my responsibility to “save the nation” by voting for Trump. I know that many of you are excited because Ted Cruz endorsed Trump today, as if, the salvation of the nation were in Cruz’ hands.

I have also seen that Franklin Graham is making the same appeal, that we vote for Trump to stave (the transitive verb definition) off Hillary.

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The Apostle Paul Doesn’t Care if You Vote

PERSONAL NOTE: Please know up front that I don’t hate America. I am a veteran and love this country. However, I do recognize that with all there is to love about America, she is no more special than any other country in relationship to the God of the Bible. Therefore, as Christians, our focus should be on our KING and His Kingdom.

In the battle of the upcoming election, I have really had to question my views on voting for Trump or not. This may be why some Trumpsters get under my skin so. I know that my writing about Trump has angered a lot of people, including some dear friends. As of yet, no one has convinced me that voting for Trump is what I should do as one committed to following Christ. I also know that no matter what I say here, other Christians are committed to voting for Trump on their convictions as well. We all have our own convictions. This is a post in which I’m trying to explain mine once more. With that, if I have tried to bind your conscience in earlier posts about the election, please forgive me. Obviously this topic is really difficult for a lot of us.

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Dear Evangelical Trumpsters

Dear Evangelical Trumpsters,

I think you might have more credibility with me if you were to come right out and apologize to Bill Clinton for all the things you said about him while he was President of the United States. Remember how we piled on about how immoral he was, and how he lied under oath, even to the point of impeachment? We were all right in doing so. He was a disgrace to the office of the president.

But in supporting Trump, you have lost your credibility. You have shown that your allegiance is really open to the highest bidder, simply because someone has an R behind their name. The moment you pull that lever for Trump, is the moment you compromise your convictions for expediency. You are basically a pragmatist, and every thing you opposed in Clinton (and others) because of biblical principles is now compromised. Anything you say from this point forward in trying to be salt and light in society and culture, is empty. It is really sad that you are willing to sell out your convictions, your truth, your doctrine so easily, when push comes to shove. What is even sadder than this, is that you are selling out to save your comfortable way of life. You are not willing to give up anything in order to stand for Christ. True believers will gladly give it all up, to follow their LORD.

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The Triune God Decreed Both Trump and Clinton


Q. 7. What are the decrees of God?
A. The decrees of God are, his eternal purpose, according to the counsel of his will, whereby, for his own glory, he hath foreordained whatsoever comes to pass.

Given this foundational truth, as outlined by the Westminster Shorter Catechism, we can safely assume that the LORD has decreed both Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States. As Christians, we only have a few choices on how we will vote in the upcoming election. As I have pointed out before, I don’t plan on voting at all. My conscience is clear; I’m sitting the election out and trusting the LORD to take care of me, my family, and my brothers and sisters in Christ as the country continues in rebellion against the LORD and His followers.

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Trumpsters, Please Stop Trying To Guilt Us into Voting for Your Candidate.

Dear Trumpsters,

Please stop telling us that we will be the reason for doom and gloom falling on our country if we do not vote for your candidate. We are too smart to fall for the cheap guilt trip.

Over the past several weeks, you have called me a zealot, told me if Hillary wins, that it’s my fault, told me that the horror she will bring rests on my shoulders, and all manner of things. You have told me that she is going take the Second Amendment from us, along with more of our religious freedoms. She is basically going to destroy the country as we know it. You are telling me that this is my fault because I won’t vote for Trump.

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It Is Not a Sin Not To Vote

And it may be a sin, to vote.

I say this because of just a few comments on Facebook which have me thinking. I stated on one feed that I would not vote for anyone other than Ted Cruz. The immediate response I got was that I better get use to living with Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. When I let it be known that I was writing a blog on the subject, one commentator wrote:

You should title your post – “Blah Blah Woof Woof I support Hilary Clinton” – because a failure to vote for her opponent, whomever, is a vote for Hillary, though yammer you may, and clothe yourselves in the brightest of smug self righteousness, I’m afraid your actions will speak louder than your words…but you’ll have plenty of company selling your country down the river of socialism – I realize Trump is not your plan, nor mine, but could it be God’s plan to eliminate PC? If a buffoon, speaking plainly can be elected president, perhaps it’s time we all started speaking plainly? ‘Plainly’ containing more truth than the euphemism of political correctness? It wouldn’t be the first time God had to move surprisingly and powerfully to get the message through to his stiff necked people.

I was touched.

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Raising the Bar on Salvation

We live in a day when a morbid charity induces many to exaggerate God’s mercy, at the expense of His justice, and when false teachers are daring to talk of a ‘love of God, lower even than hell.’ Let us resist such teaching with a holy jealousy, and abide by the doctrine of Holy Scripture. (J.C. Ryle’s commentary on Matthew).

I remember my church history professor, John Hannah, telling us about the early church and the practices they had for joining a church. If I recall correctly, a person that wanted to join the fellowship had to go through several years of instruction while the leaders of the congregation got to know the new acolyte. Then, after supporting a credible profession of faith, the new convert would be baptized and allowed into the congregation.

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In Memory of Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson 001

Fred Thompson, senator, actor, presidential candidate died today. He was one of two candidates for president that came to Aiken, SC while I as there in 2008. I took this picture when he entered the pizza joint downtown to give his campaign speech. I knew after hearing him, that his heart wasn’t in the race at all. He came in third place in South Carolina and dropped out afterward.

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