Country Road

This was another shot from our trip out west and what much of New Mexico looks like in the eastern part of the state. While it lacks trees and vegetation, which we are use to, we really found the landscape quite beautiful. I never thought I would say that after my teenage days of driving through New Mexico on our way to Colorado to snow ski during the winter months. It is amazing how 30 years can change one’s perspective. It is also obvious why so many people love living in the state. There really is the feeling of openness, big country, big skies and beautiful sunsets.

One more note from our trip, while the Oklahoma portion of I-40 was the longest in our trip, it was also much nicer than I remember Oklahoma being. Again, I can see why so many love living there. I know the wind can be bothersome after a while, but every area has its drawbacks.

Islamic Leader is Lying

Once again, we see the true intent of Islamic leader Muneer Awad, who filed suit against the state of Oklahoma just two days after the state passed a law prohibiting state courts from using international law or Sharia Law to bring about justice. The intent is merely to say that state courts must use state laws. Seems simple enough.

But the leader of CAIR in Oklahoma City is suing the state law is unnecessary. See the full report here.

Just two days after Oklahoma voters approved a ballot measure banning state courts from considering Islamic or international law when ruling on cases, a local Muslim has filed a federal lawsuit saying the measure is unconstitutional.

The lawsuit against ballot measure, State Question 755 – or better known as “Save Our State” — seeks a temporary restraining order to block the results of the election from being certified by the state Election Board on Nov. 9. The measure is scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 1.

Oklahoma residents approved the measure with 70 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s election.

But Muneer Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma who filed the lawsuit, said that the measure is unnecessary because there is no threat of an Islamic takeover of state courts. Muslims make up only 30,000 of the state’s nearly 4 million residents – less than 1 percent.

Right. If the law is unnecessary why sue? If there is no threat, why worry about it. Awad is not telling the truth. It would seem his intent is to keep the door open so the state can use Sharia Law, otherwise, he would not mind the new state law. Awad is using our court system to bring about his purposes, which is to impose Sharia Law here in the United States. That is the state purpose of their religion so don’t listen to them when they say otherwise.