Will God Restore Our Nation?

My wife and I were studying in Jeremiah and we could not help but see the similarities between the days of Jeremiah and our days. It was out of our study that we began to wonder if the LORD would ever restore this nation, given that He brought so much judgment upon Israel, and our country has far fewer claims to God’s blessing than they did. It was at this point that she said, “I don’t see God restoring this nation. We’ve made an idol of the nation.”

I couldn’t help but agree. We are not saying that God cannot restore this nation, but we don’t believe that He is going to do so. There are far too many who idolize the good old U.S. of A. and no matter how much we want to convince ourselves that this country is the second coming of the Nation of Israel, it’s not. Yes, our country has rich, deep biblical roots and for many years had a moral standard not matched anywhere in the world. But given the fact that we have our roots in Biblical truth and have turned from those roots as a nation, seems all the more reason the LORD would give us over to judgment and wrath. We have squandered the blessings we had just as Israel did time and time again in the Old Testament.

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