Andy Stanley Reaches Logical Conclusion of Dispensationalism

I know this is old news, but Andy Stanley, the mega-church pastor in Atlanta, GA., came out last year and said that Christians needed to unhitch themselves from the Old Testament. From what I understand, his reasoning is that the Old Testament is too much of a stumbling block for many people to come to know Christ. His logic is faulty because in the end, their stumbling block is not the Old Testament, but the Christ who gave us the Old Testament.

Michael Kruger gives a solid analysis of Stanley’s book that makes the case for unhitching ourselves from the Old Testament. You can read Kruger’s article here.

The point I’m trying to make is that Stanley is doing nothing more than coming to the logical conclusion of classical dispensationalism, which is what he was trained in while at Dallas Theological Seminary. The basic understanding of the Old Testament, for Dispensationalists, is that it was written for the Jews, and not for us Christians. They also have the belief that the Old Testament is to be used to interpret the New Testament, not the other way around.

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Dear Church, It’s the Pastor’s Job to Warn You of Savage Wolves

On Facebook, a fellow pastor pointed out the what celebrity pastor Andy Stanley was teaching about the Old Testament was “really wrong.” Of course, this brought out all kinds of comments from the enemies of truth implying how unloving, mean, and wicked the pastor was for doing so. Given Andy Stanley’s track record, of winking approval at homosexual couples in his congregation, and declaring that we need to un-hitch ourselves from the part of the Bible that Jesus, Peter, and Paul all preached from, every orthodox pastor in America should be warning their flocks against Andy Stanley.

This is, the pastor’s job to do so.

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A Rebuttal of Transformationalism

I’ve been extremely busy here of late, and tired. So my pace of blogging has fallen on hard times. I have written one post in the last three weeks, and one draft.

Several things caught my eye that are worth mentioning. The first is that I was listening to the Mortification of Spin podcast the other day and finally heard a great rebuttal of transformationalism. Transformationalism is the idea that the church is going to take the culture by storm and transform it for Christ. The idea comes from Abraham Kuyper, who had the means to be very transformative in that he was the prime minister of the Netherlands, owned a large newspaper, and was the head of a college. The idea is that through the gospel, and enough Christians in the culture, we can transform culture.

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Top 2015 Posts For the Year: Posts 25-21

It is that time again, when we look back over the past year to see our accomplishments. For me personally, this is truly a wonderful exercise given how the LORD has worked in my life in the past year. A year ago, I was single, barely employed, and living with family. Now, I’m married to a wonderful woman, teaching urchins in the public schools, and currently looking for a house to buy. God’s hand has really been evident.

I have also seen some major accomplishments with my blog. Two major milestones were reached, the first was that this year has been the most popular since moving to WordPress back in 2010. The site crested more that 70,000 hits for the year and is currently approachingĀ  77,000 hits.

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Andy Stanley Proves His “False Teacher” Status Once Again

Andy Stanley, the pastor of a mega-church in Atlanta, is at it again. He is showing us how gay marriage is perfectly acceptable to embrace, just as long as those who marry one another, are lawfully (well not even lawfully) divorced from their wives first. This is placing him in the category of “false teacher,” which, according to Christ, the Apostles Paul, Peter and Jude, means that he is the most wicked of men.

Danny Wright posted this on Facebook and there was not a single comment posted that was in agreement with Andy Stanley out of the 17 or so made. Mr. Stanley has decided that gay marriage is OK, just as long as you are legally divorced from your wife. He goes on to tell the story of how “conflicting” all this is, saying that Jesus was conflicted by it as well, and that what we need to do when it comes to gay marriage is pour out lots of grace, or some such nonsense. I’m quite sure that Jesus wasn’t the least bit conflicted about two gay men getting married. It was solidly in the “abomination” category of sins, a sin that He and the Father defined in eternity past and declared to us through His word (Christ’s word as well), both in the Old and New Testaments. But false teachers never let facts get in the way of the truth. Remember, it’s all about the money, the popularity, etc., when it comes to what drives a false teacher.

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