Roundup That Matters


The LORD’s Supper: Wine or Welch’s? I liked that Joe Thorn attempted to make the case for wine, showing that this is what Christ ordained for the table. He answers the arguments that many people have against the use of wine. Most of those who argue against it don’t really have a Biblical case given that wine is a blessing from God, not a curse, as so many fundamentalist maintain. He also has an entire series on the Lord’s Supper covering topics like fencing the table, when to take it, closed and open table, etc.

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Roundup That Matters

Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed — Another piece on the flaws of the courtship model of finding a spouse. The author founded a courtship website years ago and had the following to say about it all:

I founded Its purpose: to instigate a national conversation about how to make courtship more practical. Visits and comments poured in from all over the country about how to make courtship work and why it did not work.

Each year I waited for courtship to start working and for my homeschool friends to start getting married. It never happened. Most of them are still single. Some have grown bitter and jaded. Then couples who did get married through courtship started getting divorced. I’m talking the kind of couples who first kissed at their wedding were filing for divorce.

This was not the deal!

The deal was that if we put up with the rules and awkwardness of courtship now we could avoid the pain of divorce later.  The whole point of courtship was to have a happy marriage, not a high divorce rate.

I think that every area of finding a spouse is flawed because it is done by flawed people. Finding a spouse is hard, keeping them is even harder. But that is my opinion. I’m really skeptical of a lot of things when it comes to relationships and marriage.

Suicide is a Choice — I like Matt Walsh’s response to those who criticized him for daring to speak some truth concerning Robin Williams. Walsh’s first piece, Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice, he simply states the reality of what happens and does so with compassion. But the truth is too much for some, and he was berated by the internet mobsters for even discussing it. I think both articles are worth reading and giving some serious thoughts to.

I wanted to post on Williams death earlier in the week, but never could find the right words. I have to admit that his death really saddens me even though I’ve been sick of his acting for some time. Yes, he was a genius. But a lot of it, he repeated over and over and over again. I’m not trying to take away from what he accomplished as a comedian and an actor. Just saying that I grew tired of it, yet, I’m still sad about how he ended his life.

That Still Small Voice — You know I love good sermons, and the one here by Phil Johnson is worth listening to. One of the things that it dispels is the notion that we are to be still before God and listen to that “still small voice” inside our head for His direction. The passage in question, 1 Kings 19:9-18, does not teach that at all. What it does is show us that God is not in the signs and wonders that so many claim that He is in, but chose to speak to Elijah using an audible voice. The voice Elijah heard was not in his head, but what the LORD spoke to Him. This story is narrative and one of the things we do not do when it comes to narrative in the Bible is declare it normative. God doesn’t speak to us this way. He uses the Bible He has already given to us. The sermon says a lot more than that, but I felt I needed to stress that point.

Something to Think About — This one is something I wrote on my FB page earlier this week:

The problem with the idea that we can use disasters, both manmade and natural, as a means of grace in leading the lost to Christ is that then you have to have more disasters to maintain those coming. No! This is wrong thinking. We are to preach the gospel. Preaching is the means that God has chosen for us to use in spreading the gospel among the lost AND maintaining those who have come to know Christ. This is one of the ordinary means of grace that God uses in bringing people to Himself. Not disasters, movies, plays, or any other such nonsense will lead the lost to the saving knowledge of Christ. It is preaching WITH words! Just as Jesus did, Paul did, Peter did and every other faithful witness to Christ.

Roundup That Matters

University Fires Professor After Dinosaur Find — Yes, the priests on the left had to fire scientist Mark Armitage after he discovered dinosaur fossils that contained soft tissue. The discover puts to death the age-old claim that dinosaurs died out millions of years ago and indicates that dinosaurs were around as recently as a few thousand years ago. This goes against the religious dogma of the evolution crowd. This group of people cannot tolerate anything that is contrary to their religious tenants, especially a claim that dinosaurs roamed the earth in Jesus day.

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Roundup That Matters

Mormons in Transition — I really appreciate the Institute for Religious Research’s article on why Mormonism is not Christian, nor just another denomination of Protestantism. This article not only points out the problems with Mormonism, but also gives links to other articles supporting the claims as well. The only area I caution is that while Joseph Smith was a real dirt back (sleeping with teenage girls and other men’s wives), this is not a good argument to use against Mormonism, since so many of those who wrote scripture lacked moral character at times in their lives as well. Yet, the article is very helpful and helps us see that in the end, Mormons only sure fire means of justification of their faith is based on feelings, not cold hard facts. We have seen this to be true here on this blog, when dialoging with Mormons. In my last foray in the fight, in the end, the Mormon based his argument on reading the Book of Mormon and it feeling just right to him. We don’t base our faith on feelings, but on spiritual truth found in Scripture.

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Deniers and Liars: Scientific Data Only Gives us Two Choices on Climate Change


Newsflash: Man Has No Impact on the Climate — Well, that is the headline that should be stated, but given the Left’s tendency to libel anyone who disagrees with them and their looney positions, we won’t see it. I’m referring to the constant barrage of “climate change” politics that has been taking place for the last 20 years. To doubt their claims is to be labeled a “denier” because you are going against consensus science, which isn’t science at all. These same people have tried to label the deniers as those who are akin to the misbelief that the world was flat back in 1492. Please realize the irony there. It was the “consensus scientists” of that day that believed the world was flat.

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Roundup That Matters

New Study Shows That Typical Claims for More Gun Control are Based on Myths — The study confirms what many gun advocates have been saying all along. Those who are well armed, are well protected and stricter gun laws never produce safer societies. The founding fathers truly understood the nature of sin. Without restraint or fear of consequences, the more sinful in society will impose their brand of justice upon those seeking to live quiet lives. Therefore they added the Second Amendment so those of us seeking to live quiet and peaceful lives can fight back when the wicked show up at our doorsteps. It’s not a matter of “if” they will in our present day culture, but a matter of “when.”

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Round Up That Matters

I found a coupled of great articles the last few days that I wanted to share, so here they are:

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy — This really gives a great overview of how Generation Y views themselves and why they are unhappy. They all believe that they are special and the rest of the world just fails to see it. Their unhappiness is actually rooted in their delusional expectations from life. I see this in my own life as well. Because our parents did so well, we expect that we should do just as well. It’s worth the read.

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Roundup That Matters

Just a few tidbits from around the web that I found interesting.

U.S. Not the Worst for Racism — According to a story on the Daily Mail, the United States is fairly accepting to people of different ethnicities, contrary to what the race-baiters in our society would have us believe. In fact, the race baiters may want to move to India. It is the worst country in the world when it comes to racism. Al Sharpton could make a killing there. Here is the map showing the worst, in red, the best in grey.



Just a few notes about racism. It is racists to divide humanity into races. So the moment someone speaks about different races is the moment you can spot a racist. We are all part of the human race, and there is only one race in the world. I like what Pastor Voddie Baucham says when asks if he believes in interracial marriages: “No! There is only one race.” Listen to the sermon for more.

MSNBC Analysts Says Detroit Government Failed Because It’s Not Big Enough — From the department of “you can’t make this up!” comes this comment from Melissa Harris Perry who says that the reason Detroit is failing is because government was too small. Unbelievable.

She says this because she, like all Libs and Dems, believes that government is always the answer to every problem. If a government fails, it’s because it’s too small, and not big enough. They cannot see a world where things work well without government.

Short roundup I know. But that’s all I have for now.

Roundup That Matters


I snagged this shot from Facebook and is something I have been saying for years. The government, especially the IRS have not business telling pastors what they can and cannot preach. That is between the pastor and God. But what these politically correct idiots want us to think is that we cannot speak about things political or we will lose our 501 c3 status. Fine. Give it up! Because this nation was founded on pastors who not only preached the gospel, but the wickedness of the state as well. Remember that our nation was not founded upon the erroneous claim of “taxation without representation.” That was part of it. But you don’t get pastors, who know that taxes are a part of God’s plan for government, calling for rebellion against a king over taxation. They rebelled because King George decreed that the entire nation was to become a part of the Church of England. This was an attempt to control the colonies. That is what led pastors to join hands in the revolution with the taxation crowd.

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