The Apostle Paul Doesn’t Care if You Vote

PERSONAL NOTE: Please know up front that I don’t hate America. I am a veteran and love this country. However, I do recognize that with all there is to love about America, she is no more special than any other country in relationship to the God of the Bible. Therefore, as Christians, our focus should be on our KING and His Kingdom.

In the battle of the upcoming election, I have really had to question my views on voting for Trump or not. This may be why some Trumpsters get under my skin so. I know that my writing about Trump has angered a lot of people, including some dear friends. As of yet, no one has convinced me that voting for Trump is what I should do as one committed to following Christ. I also know that no matter what I say here, other Christians are committed to voting for Trump on their convictions as well. We all have our own convictions. This is a post in which I’m trying to explain mine once more. With that, if I have tried to bind your conscience in earlier posts about the election, please forgive me. Obviously this topic is really difficult for a lot of us.

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Dear Evangelical Trumpsters

Dear Evangelical Trumpsters,

I think you might have more credibility with me if you were to come right out and apologize to Bill Clinton for all the things you said about him while he was President of the United States. Remember how we piled on about how immoral he was, and how he lied under oath, even to the point of impeachment? We were all right in doing so. He was a disgrace to the office of the president.

But in supporting Trump, you have lost your credibility. You have shown that your allegiance is really open to the highest bidder, simply because someone has an R behind their name. The moment you pull that lever for Trump, is the moment you compromise your convictions for expediency. You are basically a pragmatist, and every thing you opposed in Clinton (and others) because of biblical principles is now compromised. Anything you say from this point forward in trying to be salt and light in society and culture, is empty. It is really sad that you are willing to sell out your convictions, your truth, your doctrine so easily, when push comes to shove. What is even sadder than this, is that you are selling out to save your comfortable way of life. You are not willing to give up anything in order to stand for Christ. True believers will gladly give it all up, to follow their LORD.

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Trumpsters, Please Stop Trying To Guilt Us into Voting for Your Candidate.

Dear Trumpsters,

Please stop telling us that we will be the reason for doom and gloom falling on our country if we do not vote for your candidate. We are too smart to fall for the cheap guilt trip.

Over the past several weeks, you have called me a zealot, told me if Hillary wins, that it’s my fault, told me that the horror she will bring rests on my shoulders, and all manner of things. You have told me that she is going take the Second Amendment from us, along with more of our religious freedoms. She is basically going to destroy the country as we know it. You are telling me that this is my fault because I won’t vote for Trump.

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The Bad Taste of Katrina

I know there will be barrels of electrons spilled today as we remember the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. There will be stories of the heroism that took place, the frustration that many faced, and the stories of the Next Big One will be there as well. Nothing like an opportunity to extrapolate the “what if” question into more fear mongering and hand ringing. I am OK with all those types of reports.

I think what bothers me most in my memories of Katrina was the way the tragedy was politicized. You may remember some of this. The first wave of politicized rhetoric came from the left as those who were bemoaning the government’s lack of response to the disaster and placing the blame for it on President Bush. There were even charges that he actually caused the hurricane to form and hit the gulf coast. I think most people discounted such charges. After all, Bush was just the president of the United States. The era of deifying our presidents had not yet arrived.

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Why Donald Trump Is Resonating With So Many

I’m not a supporter of Donald Trump. I don’t think he is really all that conservative. His main goal is to make money, and there are lot of people who do that in this country who are not conservatives. Yet, Trump is resonating with a lot of people. In fact, to criticize him at all, is to bring on the wrath of the Trumpites who believe the Donald can do no wrong.

But that is not my point. My point is that people like him simply because he is standing up and fighting back. We have watched far too many Republicans run through elections without fighting back. I guess that is because we are taking the higher road. That strategy got us two terms of Obama and has been detrimental to the country.

Trump continues to fight back, even attacking people in his own party. You have to give him that much. I just hope the other 15 candidates learn a thing or two about standing and fighting for what you believe in, and fighting back when necessary. If they don’t, Trump is going to devour them in the primaries, and I really don’t think he would make a good president.

Now, back to my non-political website… 

The Confederate Flag and the Cross (A Plea to Christians)

With the recent dust-up over the Confederate Flag and its use in South Carolina, I can only wonder how long it will be before the same elite liberals get their knickers in a knot over all the crosses across the country. It should not be too long, given that everyone and their dog was so quick to jump on the bandwagon for getting rid of the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. Never mind what the people of South Carolina believed about the flag, the flag must come down for the following reasons:

  1. The flag represented the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression. The Confederacy lost. The Confederacy had slaves before the war. Slavery is evil, therefore the flag that represented the Confederacy is evil… all who fly the flag are evil. (This is extremely bad logic, but hey, it works for liberals).
  2. Black people are offended by the flag. Therefore it must come down.

Never mind that we just went through an entire media blitz about Bruce Jenner, who thinks he is a woman and therefore we must call him a woman, even though scientific fact disputes such a claim. With the Jenner logic, it seems to me that all we have to do is ask the good people of South Carolina what they think about the flag? If they like the flag, then they should be able to fly the flag. It does not matter how many people are offended by the flag.

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Diluting the Vote for Minority Rule

The surest way to guarantee your candidate wins an election when you are in the minority is to offer up so many candidates to the majority, that you dilute their vote to the point of not mattering. This is what is happening for the Republicans as two more candidates throw their hats in the ring this weekend, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Neither one of them have a chance of winning the nomination. All they do is dilute the conservative vote within the party to the point that we will end up with a moderate. For some reason, the moderates always stick together in the primaries. It is why we got Romney, McCain and eventually another Bush for the nomination. Which is the reason why the Democrat will win the next presidential bid. It’s just too difficult to get conservatives excited over Romney/McCain/Bush knowing they are willing to sell the farm in an attempt to garner favor from those who will never give them a blessing.

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