Bill O’Reilly Still Doesn’t Get It

Apparently Bill O’Reilly went on the offensive in attacking Christians who believe that you must be born again by faith in Jesus Christ or you go to hell. He called this reality¬†“disturbing.” The guys at Young Conservatives have the full story.

I don’t care much for O’Reilly and I am not sure why so many Christians watch his show. When it comes to his religious views, he is quite hostile to true Christianity. He believes that the Bible and what we believe have no place in the public square. He believes that we should not fight the battle against gay marriage using Scripture. He believes that we should only stick to the words of Jesus, showing that he has never actually read the words of Jesus.

Even in his book, Killing Jesus, he is no friend of Christianity. While he does a good job showing some of the historical truths that surrounded Christ’s death, he failed to look at that death through the eyes of faith. This is why he doesn’t really believe in the Bible or the miracles.

O’Reilly is a good Roman Catholic. But he is still an enemy of the faith. This is why I haven’t watched his show for years. I wish more Christians would turn him off.