Is Betsy DeVos Bringing Back Prayer in Schools?

The headline, and subsequent story on The Truth Division’s website, seems to indicate that this is what the new education secretary, Betsy DeVos, intends to do once she is confirmed to the position. But when you dig deeper, you find much of what is being written about Betsy DeVos is based upon an interview she and her husband, Dick, gave back in 2001. For the mathematically challenged, that is about 16 years ago.

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“For me…” & “Let me be honest with you…”

Now that I’m an English teacher, I have to pay a bit more attention to grammar and phrases than normal. Not that this has ever got in the way of me stating my opinion, but just letting you know, I’m a professional now when it comes to…”ahem,” grammar and figures of speech. Given that, here are two of my pet peeves (having pet peeves is an occupational hazard of being an English teacher) when it comes to those speaking publicly. The first is when someone uses the phrase “for me,” as in, “For me, I think that liberals are the dregs of society.” This phrase is most used where opinions are put forth and one person asks the other for their opinion. The respondent then says, “Well for me…” It is a useless phrase since the person was being asked their opinion in the first place. Of course we want your opinion. You don’t need to tell us that it’s your opinion. You were the one who was asked.

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Join or Die!

You will not believe this! We were watching the HBO production of John Adams today while we got ready to go see a movie and Andy read the flag that is in the intro of the movie. He said, “That says ‘Join or die!'”

We just about toppled over in disbelief. This is a child that will probably repeat pre-K because he will not perform for anyone when it comes to reading. Yet, he read the flag. I think he knows more than he is letting on because that came out of the blue. I’m not sure if I like him reading that particular line, be we are glad he is reading things on his own.