Buzz Lightyear: Stealth Tactics

Report 06

T O P  S E C R E T

From: Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Universe Protection Unit — Sector 28.

To: Star Command (Commander Turner Lightyear).


After some difficulties in reaching Sector 28 (the spacecraft I procured was completely inadequate for the task, but I did learn the technique of the locals known as ‘hitch hiking’), I found the station in which the subjects live. With much cunning and craftiness, especially using the stealth tactics you taught me, I have been able to remain completely unnoticed. See if you can find me in some of the following images. I think you will agree that I blend in so well, no one can see me.


All photos are top secret and Buzz  will have to dispose of you if you use them elsewhere without written permission from Starfleet Command… © Timothy J. Hammons, 2021

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