Thursday Doors — Forgotten Doors

I knew I found a goldmine in the world of door photography when I tuned the corner in downtown Johnson City. I had just taken the pictures for Thursday Doors — The Trek Shop. The goldmine doors were in the building along the railroad track and have the look indicating that at some time, the good citizens of Johnson City tried to turn these buildings into storefront property. The dream faded, along with the doors, giving them the character and texture I love in old doors.

This is part of Dan’s Thursday Doors Challenge. Check out his doors, and the doors of others as well.

These are the ones I enjoy the most.

Here are a few more…


All photos are copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021. 

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  1. These are wonderful doors. I wish they had been more successful in finding a new use for that building. I was just in a bar that occupied most of a historic train depot – I think this place could be repurposed into retail/restaurant and maybe a few apartments. But they need to restore the doors.


  2. I like the reflections in that first shot and I love the color version of the two door shots that finish the first section. The B&W/monotone one is good as well but the color one really grabbed my attention.


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  3. Wow! Excellent doors! Well shared 🙂🙂🌹


  4. like the one with the tiles around it


  5. Abandoned doors are great subjects for photos. I love the textures you have captured here.


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