Thursday Doors — March 25, 2021

I found these doors, or gates,  across the street from my previous post of the missing school house doors. The vivid color of the gate jumped out at me. I was hoping the doors of the house itself would also provide something to look at, but the gate kept me from getting close enough.

This post is a part of the Thursday Doors Challenge at Dan’s blog, No Facilities.

Photos copyright © Timothy J. Hammons 2021.

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  1. Wow! The gate is beautiful snd the house is magnificent. I think we can assume that there are some interesting doors in there.


  2. That house looks like it’s got a story to tell🙂. Nice shot.



  3. I love both the house and the gate but what a lot of painting upkeep the house must take. The fence and gate don’t seem to go with the house, though. It’s so uniquely painted and the gate and fence, although attractive on their own, seem of a different style.



  4. Wow! This house would attract me too. So pretty.


  5. Beautiful house and wonderful gate!


  6. I left you a comment yesterday but WordPress ate it up. This is another attempt. What a glorious house. I’d be attracted by it as well.


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