Reformation Day: The Portraits

Using my best lens for portraits, the 50 mm, I took the following of Joe, Marcia, and Jim at our recent Reformation Day celebration. I’ve known Jim, for more than a year, and got to know him through his father, who was a member of our church in the DFW area. I’m always impressed by how much he knows about church history, theology, and a lot of other things. He is also the only man I know who owns Klipsch speakers. I use to own a pair, and loved them.

He introduced me to Joe and Marcia. I got to know them when I stayed with them for the first week of my new job. Both are a treasure of knowledge. Joe spent a great deal of time in Houston and told me about the old restaurants that were dearly loved by the populace. I remember hearing of them while growing up, and I wish they were still open… especially the Greek restaurant he told me about (my wife seconds the motion).

Marcia, Joe’s wife, was an excellent hostess and made sure my room was warm and inviting.

For those who don’t know what I mean by Reformation Day, please follow the link here. The day isn’t as important as the event that it remembers, which was the clarification of the gospel of Christ, in that we are saved by faith alone, in Christ alone. This is precious when you realize that all man-made religions try to codify works we can perform, in order to make ourselves acceptable to God. The problem with this system is that we can never perform enough good works, and even if we think we do, there is always just one more to be done.

With the gospel of Christ, our salvation is of faith in Him alone, and His works, not ours. The faith that we have is actually given to us by the Spirit. It’s not of our own making. This means that salvation is of God alone. It is HIS gift to us. We do not earn it or deserve it. This is the meaning of grace.

All photos Copyright Timothy J. Hammons 2020.

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