Social Distancing: Christopher and Deni

In our journey through the mid-south earlier in the year, we had the opportunity to see lots of friends, and spent an afternoon with Christopher and Deni. 

Heidi has known Christopher for years, and I only met him several years ago, and he is quite gifted as a pastor. But he hasn’t always been a pastor. There was a time when he was the lead singer of some band called Black Ball. They actually had a record contract, made records, and had a following. They were completely unknown to me until I met Heidi.

Christopher is also a lawyer and has a real understanding of our Constitution and the relationship between the church and state. He was not one of the many pastors who blindly and quickly rolled over to closing of the churches during the Covid-19 crisis. He knew, understood, and argued that the state was overstepping her bounds in ordering churches to close their doors. You can read one such post here

His church didn’t close at all. He was one of the few pastors in America that refused to be led by fear and stood on the freedoms that are our inalienable rights. I must confess that I was deeply disappointed in the number of pastors (almost all of them), who are to be men of conviction, who so easily went along with the crowd during this crisis. Never mind that the church is to be a place in which the people of God are spiritually fed. The men in the pulpits simply decided that the spiritual feeding we need, was just too dangerous. The church so easily rolled over, it breaks my heart.

But not Christopher. He pressed on with worship because he understands the importance of worship, even at the risk of dying. (Remember, we are called to die to self, to follow One who went to the cross, who died on our behalf. We should be willing to risk death, in order to worship Him). 

Christopher argued for the importance of worship. Yes, there were arguments made against his position with evidences given of the church choir that met once, and half the members ended up with the virus. But alas, he also showed that the story was completely false. It wasn’t a church choir that met, but a community choir. The media blew it out of proportion. Read that here. (He told me he actually contacted the church in question to find out what really happened.)

He has a real clear mind when it comes to dealing with things like the Covid-19 crisis. And given the evidence that is out today, Christopher was right to do so. This crisis, was manmade because we overreacted to the virus. Yes, measures should have been taken: but the unlawful use of placing the entire nation into quarantine was not one of them.

I don’t normally publish on the LORD’s day. But given that this post deals with the need to worship, I thought it would be a good reminder for us to gather to worship, as we are commanded to do so, regardless of what the state says.

The eyes of someone who doesn’t trust the photographer.

Bottoms up!

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