Friends: Bill and Kathy

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while and just saw that it is Bill’s birthday. So this is, a birthday wish for Bill, and his lovely wife, Kathy.


May OUR LORD bless you with many, many more years to come. You are a real encouragement to so many in the faith and a testimony to our LORD’s rich grace and mercy. Thank you for your encouragement, friendship, and brotherly love.

Timothy & Heidi

But this post is also for his wife, Kathy. She has a real gift in the garden and I have¬†featured Kathy’s backyard before. Her yard was full of wonderful colors and plants for my camera. And notice the yard! It’s perfect. I’m glad she didn’t mind me walking around with my camera.

One final note: Bill & Kathy are really special to me and Heidi because they were the first friends we made as a couple 5 years ago. They have been a real encouragement to us through those 5 years, especially with some of the trials we have faced.

No backyard is complete without a fire pit.

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