The Man Behind the Dryer

On a recent visit to family back in Tennessee, I had the privilege of riding with Justin, my son-in-law, while he serviced a washer and a dryer. He runs an appliance company and given the current state of the economy, he should have plenty of business since most will repair instead of replace.

On our first stop, I was surprised when he opened up a washer, looked around for a few moments, then quietly asked me to go wait in the truck. I knew something was amiss. He had to give the owner some bad news. Turns out, the washer had been the home of a mouse colony to the point that it was useless to repair the machine. It seems mice love to chew on wires, rubber, and anything else they can, making the washer worthless. The owner took the news well, especially since Justin suggested they go through their home-owners insurance to replace the rotting floor, from the leak, and the machine.

At our second stop, he just replaced a simple part, and I took a walk around the neighborhood with my camera. Since we were driving back through the mountains in eastern Tennessee, we also stopped for some scenic views.

I think my son in-law will do well repairing appliances. He is honest with the customers, a big plus, and really has a knack for fixing things.


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