Out and About: Alec

This scene is taking place all over Frisco right now. Graduates, who will not have a ceremony, are making sure to have their pictures taken in various locations. Alec and his dad were in front of Lebanon Trails High School as I was out on a walk. I wish I had the big camera, but the iPhone will have to do.

Congrats to Alec, and the rest of the class of 2020 from the area high schools. I know you won’t get to have a ceremony. As one who has gone through three of them, you will thank your lucky stars you missed it. It’s so very anticlimactic. You worked hard for 4 years to get to that point and it finally arrives. You walk across the stage with a long line of your fellow students, get your diploma, and then off into the world. I think for the most part, it took you longer to read this paragraph than the graduation moment does. Very fleeting.

In fact, for Alec, and the rest of the graduates, you should cherish the fact that your dad took the time to take you out and take pictures of you in regalia. That will be more special in the years to come, than the actual ceremony. Trust me.


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