Date Morning

Instead of going out to eat, we go out to shop, since we eat much better at home than we do at the local restaurants. Our Saturday morning dates are becoming a tradition, a stop at Starbucks for coffee, shopping at Trader Joe’s for the essentials (chocolate and wine), and gas in the Murano in preparation for Sunday’s worship. We like traditions.


Babe’s Chicken

In my need for texture, I present Babe’s Chicken. Those who follow my blog know that I live in the Frisco, TX area, a city that is only 12 minutes old. Everything is new. Well, almost everything. Given that, the new stuff seems to look all the same after a while and I needed some texture. I needed something that was weathered and has stood the test of time. That is why I walked over to Babe’s Chicken. While the restaurant is not very old, the building is full of character. I didn’t go inside. I probably can’t afford it. So the outside will have to do.